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How to Use and Style a Console Table

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The console table is the definition of versatility. This is one furniture piece that is extremely useful in any space. It comes in different shapes and sizes and can be styled in different ways to add more flair or character to your living space. If you have one or you’re planning to get a console table, here are a few ideas for using and styling it:

As a Substitute for Your Sideboard or Buffet

A console table has a slender profile, and that’s what makes it a perfect substitute for bulker furniture pieces like sideboards or buffets. If you have limited space in your dining room, you can substitute traditional sideboards for console tables. In this space, it can be used for serving as an extension of your dining table or to hold dishes, cutleries or decorative items such as lamps and candles.

Decorate with a Curated Display

A console table in your hallway or sitting room is the perfect spot to display a range of statement-making objects. This may include books, decorative art pieces, vases and figurines. Make sure the objects are in a range of natural tones, colours and sizes so they all fit in cohesively. Vary the heights and shapes of objects on the table to make the display even more visually attractive.

In Front of a Mirror or Large Art Piece

In Front of a Mirror or Large Art Piece

A mirror or large artwork on the wall behind your console table is a great way to add depth and interest to your table. Your console table should always have something of interest like this around it to draw attention to it.

Add Some Greenery

If you’ve been thinking of how to add some greenery to your space, getting a console table is the perfect opportunity to do that. You can get a vase to hold a small succulent or indoor plant, which adds some warmth to your space. The table can also hold seasonals like flowers, inviting nature into your beautiful space.

Decorate Your Entryway With a Console Table

Entryways are extremely tricky spaces to decorate. They’re important because its a good opportunity to leave a lasting first impression on your guest. Yet, the space is often too narrow, with little natural light to make it enjoyable. A console table is just portable enough to fit into your entryway, and if you decorate it right, it might be just what you need to brighten up that part of your home.

Keep It Simple

This is particularly true for contemporary room decor, where the focus is on minimalism. Instead of trying too hard to style your console table with too many items, go for simple minimalism instead. Sometimes, just a single bowl or flowers or a table lamp is enough to draw attention to your table and other decorative pieces around it. A minimal display like this is a much better choice than a cluttered table with too many items.

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