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Celebrate Your 10-Year Marriage Anniversary With These 4 Gifts

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A decade of marriage is something to celebrate! You and your partner have been together for ten years and are just as in love as the day you married. That’s a special thing to share, and something that deserves a super special gift to commemorate. In terms of long-held marriage traditions, ten year anniversary gifts are typically made of tin or aluminum. However, you don’t have to let old societal conventions get in the way of the perfect gift for your spouse. The only thing that’s truly important when it comes to picking out the perfect ten year anniversary gift is making sure it’s a gift that your partner will remember and cherish for years to come. If you’re stumped as to what to get your other half for your ten year anniversary, read on to find the perfect present to celebrate your long-lasting love story.

Traditional vs. Modern Ten-Year Anniversary Gifts

For each year that you’re married, there’s a traditional gift to go along with it. For your tenth year, the traditional metal is tin or aluminum, the traditional stone is diamond, the traditional color is silver or blue, and the traditional flower is daffodil. These different categories are great to utilize as a form of inspiration for gifts for your significant other. While there’s no steadfast rule that says you have to go with a traditional anniversary gift, you might find them incredibly helpful in your gift search.

1. Jewelry They’ll Love

Jewelry is a wonderful anniversary gift for any year. However, with the ten year anniversary stone being diamond, now’s the perfect time to invest in a stunning piece of diamond jewelry for your partner. For this year’s gift, consider getting your partner jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds look and function exactly the same as mined diamonds, yet they’re much more environmentally friendly as they produce less carbon emissions to grow. By getting your partner a jewelry piece made with lab-grown diamonds, you’ll be getting them a special gift that’s also sustainable. Lab-grown diamonds are cut and set in the same exact way that mined diamonds are, so you’ll be able to find them the perfect jewelry no matter what style is their favorite, whether it be Solitaire, Classic, Round Brilliant, Emerald, or otherwise. For a tenth anniversary diamond jewelry gift, consider getting them a pavé ring band lined with delicate round diamonds that they can easily stack on top of their existing wedding band and engagement ring.

2. A Trip That You Can Take Together

For a more modern tenth year anniversary gift, get round trip tickets and accommodations for a vacation that you and your partner can share together. Pick a place to visit that’s always been on your joint bucket list and plan the trip of a lifetime together. Your tenth anniversary is the time to celebrate – and splurge – so don’t feel bad about spending a bit more money to make your anniversary trip as memorable as possible. If you’re not sure when to book your trip, present your partner with a picture of your destination in a card (or a tin box, if you want to add a sprinkle of tradition!), and pick a date to plan your trip around after they open the gift.

3. A Bouquet of Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your other half that you care any time of year, but they’re especially romantic on an anniversary. For your tenth year together, get your partner a large, extravagant bouquet that showcases just how big your love for them is. Ask your florist to throw in some daffodils to the bouquet as well, if you’re feeling traditional. Present them with the bouquet and then whisk them off to a romantic anniversary dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant.

4. An Engraved Memory Box

Going back to the tradition of tenth anniversary tin and aluminum, you could get your loved one a special tin box engraved with your names and fill it with some of your favorite memories together. You can then add more pictures, trinkets, and other memorabilia to it together for years to come. If you want to go all out, get your other half an engraved tin box and hide a new piece of diamond jewelry in it for the ultimate tenth anniversary gift. After making it through ten years of marriage, we’re sure you’ll be making many more memories in the years to come.


You and your partner have been married for a decade, and you deserve gifts that fit such a momentous occasion. Whether you choose to treat your partner with a gift that fits traditional anniversary standards, like a jewelry piece made of lab-grown diamonds, or something more modern, like a vacation to a dream destination, your loved one is sure to adore what you give them. What do you think the perfect ten year anniversary gift is?

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