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What are the Comfortable Hairstyles For Summer?

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Comfortable Hairstyles For Summer

It seems incredible, but finally, Summer has arrived. Twelve long, very long months are thinking and preparing our destination for this next vacation.

And finally, it has arrived. We already have outfits for the day and those for the night and their accessories. We also know the ideal hairstyle if we go to New York or travel to Bangkok.

But we lack the comfortable hairstyles for the Summer, cuts, and hairstyles to go to the beach or the pool. And of course, do not forget about your hair care that we discussed in this other post.

This year I want to be perfect at all hours of the day. I want everyone to walk past me and think. How do you manage to wear your hair this ideally?

They are even coming from the beach.

But at the same time, I also want them to be simple to do and flattering so that they can look just as good on the beach, walking around a city, or going to the mountains. We don’t want to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror.

In this post, we hope to help you with all your wishes, and we want your hair to be ideal for matching your environment and your look.


The Best and most comfortable Hairstyles for this Summer

Take your tickets and passport as we begin our journey through relaxed hairstyles for Summer that are simple, fast, flattering, and of course, 100% fashionable.

Low Bun with Braids

This collected hairstyle is ideal for going to the beach, the pool, or going out for a walk.

We will start by making two braids on each side, the simple ones, try to make them a little wide.

Then we will make a low messy bun, twisting it. If your hair is long enough, tie all the hair into a knot; if not, hold it with some bobby pins and loosen some strands to give your look a more casual look.

You will be divine, both day and night.

Picked up with Twisted Locks

That is one of the most straight hairstyles and, for that reason, no less flattering.

Twist two strands in the front until they are gathered at the nape of the neck, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

If you want, you can do some splashed natural waves. The hairstyle will be unique.

If you want to give it a more glamorous touch for the night, you can decorate it with a small flower. In your photos, you will always be perfect.

High Bun

How excellent the bun, flattering and above all very comfortable. In this case, we can make two types of bows, but the same.

For the day, we will make a more casual high bun. We start by gathering all the hair in a high ponytail, and we will twist our bun similar to that of a ballerina and more hollow. We will remove a strand to make it more casual.

For the night, we will leave the bangs aside and remove some strands to the other, we will collect the hair in a high ponytail, and we will use the ‘donuts’ or donut so that it remains more fixed.

To give it a more chic touch, you can finish it with a slight bow or a flower.

100% glamor day and night

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Side Braid

The side braid is an on-trend hairstyle.

You can make a low side braid for the day without being too sophisticated, for a natural look, but just perfect.

And at night, we will do, if you are skilled, a spike or root braid, starting from one side and ending on the opposite side.

Loosen the braid a bit and loosen a small strand. You will raise envy by day and by night.

High Ponytail

Classic look, to always be perfect. We will start by giving volume to the top before picking up the ponytail.

We will hold the ponytail with a hair tie but try not to wear any metal to go to the beach, as it gets wet and can release rust. For the night, we will bet on a little more volume on top.

Next, we will leave the bangs to one side, more combed, even giving a little wax, for a wet effect.

Remember that if you have a round face, it is better to straighten the bangs and not leave it too stuck, as it will mark the round oval of your face excessively.

Finally, we can put a little hairspray on our hair after collecting our ponytail, at the height of the middle of the head.

Very important, remember to remove the hairspray the next day to prevent this product from damaging your scalp due to the sun, saltpeter, or chlorine.


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