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Exploring the Unknown: 3 Best Wrist Watches From Rolex

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Having the pandemic hit everyone’s life and limiting the daily activities an individual can do, most of the wristwatch shops are close, and purchasing your next wristwatch can be challenging. However, in today’s technology, you can now order your desired timepiece from an online shop to keep you safe and in line with your convenience.

This article will list down some of the best wristwatches from the Brand Rolex to help you browse through different types of wristwatches in todays’ market.

Rolex Explorer Black Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Automatic Men’s Watch 

The first wristwatch that is available in the Rolex Watches Online is the model Rolex Explorer 214270 2016. This timepiece is one of the tributes to the first ascent of the world’s most famous Mount Everest as it is in line with the climbing or walking to the summit of a mountain. This wristwatch is made explicitly for mountaineering activities.

Having a wristwatch that is specifically made for mountaineering, you will be expecting features that answer the need for every mountaineering activity. The case made with stainless steel and crystal sapphire, which helps this timepiece survive in different weathers and most challenging situations.

This wristwatch’s overall dimension is 39 millimeters in diameter and 20 millimeters in lug width, making it a large wristwatch for both small and big wrist sizes. You can also adjust the stainless steel band for it to fit your wrist correctly. Having mountaineers have unexpected water activities and unpredictable weather, you can trust that the water resistance of 100 meters limit can help you.

Submariner Oyster Steel New Model 2020 Automatic Chronometer Black Dial Men’s Watch

The second wristwatch is the model Rolex Submariner 124060-0001. Which is one of the most anticipated wristwatches from the Rolex collection. As per its name, having the submariner, it is most inclined with diving through any sort of water activities. It is made with stainless steel and pair with the crystal of sapphire, making it survive in different scenarios of activities.

The combination of black dial and silver casing may be a classical color option that most luxury wristwatches choose. A good reason for that is because both of those colors can easily be pair with different types of outfits. This can also be a flexible wristwatch to wear in various activities like formal events, meetings, school, vacation, and regular daily activities.

One of the many highlights about this wristwatch is the water resistance that allows. You to dive below 300 meters deep without worrying about getting your wristwatch damage. Although it still considere a luxury watch, you will never be disappoint. With its overall design and crisp details from its numbers and letters embedded in its dial.

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Rolex Air-King Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

The Rolex 116900, or the “Air-King,” is the last wristwatch that we will be discussing. Many wristwatch enthusiasts consider that this timepiece is one of the most iconic from this generation. It is one in a million wristwatches in terms of its design, specifications, and functionalities. We are making it easy to be recognize by anyone who has a vast amount of knowledge about luxury wristwatches.

It made with the material of stainless steel for its casing and has a crystal of sapphire. You may experience it as a big, and a bit heavy wristwatch for its diameter is 40 millimeters and lug with 20 millimeters making. It a good option for individuals with a vast wrist size. The choice of materials in making its strap is also stainless steel which you can easily interchange with your desired strap of choice.

The dial is another highlight that most watch enthusiasts love. Your typical Rolex logo in the upper part and with the indexes has an Arabic numerical. Mixture of minute markers and hour markers which gives it a unique dial look. In addition to all of those positive inputs about this wristwatch. You will also enjoy the features of scratch resistance and water resistance of 100 meters.


We have shown you a narrowed-down list of the best timepieces available from the different wrist watch collections of Explorer, Submariner, and Air King. All of the watches from our list are luxury wristwatches that will definitely be worth your money.

In choosing from thousands of wristwatches in the market. You should always make sure that it answers both your needs and wants. It would be best if you also learned that those wristwatches could be an opportunity for investments in the future.

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