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Do You Know How To Choose The Size Of A Necklace Correctly

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Necklace – Imagine that after hesitating for a long time between choosing one or the other pendant, you have decided on a model that you love, the final choice arrives, very important:

Choosing the correct size for a necklace or chain can make or break a purchase or gift.

What chain or necklace size should I choose? And most importantly, what is the best measure for me or for the person to whom I want to give it as a gift?

This decision will depend on whether the person who wears it feels comfortable with it and, therefore, uses it more often.

If you want to buy a necklace for yourself or give it to someone, you must read this post yes or yes.

And there are several factors to take into account, and here I will try to explain the details that may be important and that you may not know.

To begin with, there are several common chain measurements, and depending on their length, they are locat in one place or another on the neck and neckline.

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If you are a tall person, any measure can suit you, although I recommend not using the shorter ones. They could look exaggeratedly fair on your body.

You are in luck if you are of medium size because they can all fit you well.

And if you are relatively short, those located on the clavicle or just below will favor you.

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Chokers visually soften and shorten long, thin necks, flattering you if this is your neck type.

On the other hand, if you have a short or wide neck, you should use more extensive measurements (50 cm, for example) that lengthen and stylize it.


Here it is necessary to bear in mind, above all, that if the volume of the body is voluminous, it will be essential to avoid short measures. But if your chest is bulky, you should not use measurements of more than 45cm. In that case, the necklace or pendant could fall in the middle of the neckline, and you probably won’t like it.


When the face is oval, all measurements look good.

If the face is round, avoid the choker and try to make the necklace in a V shape. This will make the shape of the face look more elongated.

For long faces or those with a pointed chin, chokers are the best option as they soften the features.


As for clothing, it is essential to consider what type of clothing is the one you use the most. Or the kind of garment you will wear with the necklace if you want it for a special occasion.

Collars that are very tight on the neck always look good with low-cut or off-the-shoulder garments.

Choker and princess, they look good with almost everything.

If you want to wear the pendant over a neck (of a shirt, blouse, or high neck sweater), the recommended measurement is 50 cm and up.

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