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Five trends in 2020 in product and service marketing

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Five trends in 2020

The end and beginning of the year are a particular time to ask questions and thus be able to set new goals for the next near horizon. The new year is here, and it is time to visualize what these next 366 days will bring us. So lets find out what are the top five trends in 2020.

Without a doubt, adequate and reliable research will give us the proper guidelines for the next marketing strategies we propose. More than ever, marketing will become more demanding, and it is essential to be 100% up-to-date and have demonstrable expertise in the matter. To do this, we recommend enhancing your professional profile with programs such as the Master in Marketing Management and Commercial Management, where you will learn to observe market movements and study the most incipient trends that awaken real wants and needs in consumers. It will provide you with powerful insights so that this new decade will start more than successfully.

An excellent way to understand this 2020 is to look at the lifestyles that monopolize brands and organizations’ efforts, which will continue to grow in the coming times. These market segments will attract some of the most fantastic product and service developments.

Five trends in marketing 2020

Here are some clues with which to draw your conclusions to shape the new marketing strategies this year:

1. Pet-friendly, pet lovers

Pet and domestic animal companionship is a growing trend. These users are an emotionally essential part of their life, and all care and whims will be welcome.

Specific food products, health, fashion, beauty, or even home furnishings are trends to consider for this new campaign.

Brands like Ikea have already started looking into this exciting lifestyle.

2. Fitness, healthy men in a healthy body

Perhaps one of the most recognized trends is its extensive history. Still, in 2020 it will continue to grow together with a consumer concerned about the health and inner harmony, taking a back seat without being less important, physical beauty.

Including in the daily schedule, a time and space for physical and mental care will be a purpose that will mark this beginning of the year. The fitness lifestyle is aware of the importance of maintaining health and physical care. Therefore, new products and services linked to this public will be welcome.

We must not forget the combination with other factors, such as time or urgency. A recent case that we can study is the Ritual approach, the thirty-minute gym.

3. Leisure and tourism for drinks and singles

If past generations wanted to get material goods at a younger age, the new millennials and centennials wish to discover, know, travel, and tell about it.

Digital audiovisual platforms are the great allies of this trend that awakens the desire to move to new experiences. Profiles such as the unique lifestyles that make up the new generations and those that we can set as drinks or singles are the subject of surprising proposals that revolve around tourism.

International experience is a significant focus to create products and services aligned with this trend. For example, living and remembering ancient times, as in the recent relaunch of the train’s route, now also a hotel, Orient Express.

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4. Sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle

Without a doubt, concern for the environment is still latent, more and more, and brands must learn to modify their habits to offer consumers products and services adapted to the new rules.

These rules are for everyone, so in this case, we may not be talking about an option, if not an “obligation.” The eco-friendly trend will continue to grow this year, and the challenge will continue, as we discussed in the last blog post.

In food, ersonal care, fashion, tourism, and sport, sustainability will spread through more categories of products and services. Take advantage of your sector’s novelty before your competition would be a tremendous competitive advantage for your brand. Do not miss it.

This trend is becoming much broader, and concepts such as the collaborative economy, exploitation of underused resources, etc., are incorporated within this market spectrum.

5. Internet of things and connectivity

In the year 2020, there will be more objects connected to the Internet than mobile phones. A fact that should make us think and assess the options that this new field offers us. Reliable internet services like Spectrum is necessary for smooth connectivity.

It’s a world full of opportunities that offer many sectors to create new products and services that provide information, comfort, security, immediacy, and urgency.

From being able to close the house’s door, like the Kwikset smart knob offers, or regulate the office floors with PlantLink. A growing trend that will continue to rise this year.

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