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Beauty Industry – Top Trends in Beauty Market

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Beauty Industry

As the demand for transparency, honesty, and simplicity grows, the minimalist approach to beauty becomes the most desired option. Find out what the top trends in the Beauty Industry are heading in terms of treatment products, makeup, and everything about the skin, both face and body

What are the action points that are evident in the current beauty Industry?

Here we tell you where the priorities are. In general terms, experts agree that there is a commitment to sustainability: Consumers are more aware and demand ethical and ecological products. Therefore, sustainable options are chosen, such as biodegradable materials and plastic-free alternatives, refillable or reusable packaging to eliminate waste.

Second, it alludes to emotions. It means that products containing scents improve mood and sensory textures that can provoke different emotions, such as calm or happiness.

Third, today’s firms focus on cross-functional benefits. They want to meet the consumer’s demanding needs with a busy lifestyle with unique products with multiple uses. Therefore they create specialized products focused on ingredients with higher active formulas.

And fourth, they create new textures. Trend experts invite cosmetic firms to go beyond traditional gels, powders, and creams. Create new sensory and transformative textures that change from cream to oil or powder to liquid. They also innovate with makeup that can change in different climates, such as in hot temperatures or humid or cold environments.

The body care boom

Taking care of the body becomes as essential as that of the face, as consumers look for products that take care of both areas equally. Personal wellness products – fueled by the rise of the personal care movement – continue to grow this year: vaginal and butt care products emerge. According to Technavio, the global sexual health market is worth £ 32 billion by 2019. Notable brands include Bawdy Beauty, Anese, Hers, and Two Lips, targeting this sector with various products. Inspired by the positive body image movement, sexual favorable image products are also hitting the global beauty mass market.

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Sensory makeup

Color cosmetics will take a positive direction this year, targeting consumers looking for fun and exciting makeup that’s great for Instagram. Unique novelty textures will deliver sensory allure, and morphing formulas become more popular, such as powders and creams. Shiseido’s new makeup line is divided into sensory categories and takes the traditional makeup classification – such as face, eyes, cheeks, and lips – in a new direction. Cosmetics have groups by textures, such as inks, powders, gels, and sprays. Makeup that can change depending on the weather or environment will be critical. Lauren Bowker has developed a line of beauty products for the face, planned for 2019, activated by heat, wind, or UV rays.

Australian beauty

Australia and New Zealand are the markets that will stand out in 2019, stealing prominence from the Korean and Japanese markets. These countries are famous for their indigenous natural ingredients with multiple benefits. There are still large areas untapped thanks to native plants. The latest edition of Cosmoprof Asia, a wealth of new Australian brands, features a dedicated area for the country, such as Golden 8, which focuses on Australian crocodile oil face products. Interest in antipodean brands has also grown in the UK, from Sand & Sky – with its Instagram hit pink mask – to the New Zealand beauty clinic Skinsmiths – known as the “skin gym” and opened seven locations in London in three months last year.

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