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Treat Dry Hair With These Twelve Effective Methods

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Treat Dry Hair

Before starting to list of methods to treat dry hair, it is essential to remember that these remedies do not work for everyone, and they do not work as well. Therefore, it is best to try several and keep the one that gives you the best results. And if it doesn’t work, keep in mind that you can always go to a pharmacy, where the pharmacist will recommend more manufactured products that can help you

With that said, let’s take a look at natural remedies (that you can easily apply at home) to heal dry hair and restore its natural elasticity and shine. All consist of masks used to the hair, which you can make easily at home with different foods.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a beneficial product to hydrate the skin, and it is oily. Therefore, applying it to the hair for a couple of hours and then rinsing with plenty of water is an excellent strategy to treat dry hair. After several applications, we will see that the hair looks more hydrated and shiny.

2. Aloe vera

We know aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it is prevalent to apply it to the skin when we get burned, or it is too dry. It is a powerful moisturizer, so we can use it on the hair to hydrate and look shinier.

3.Olive oil

Although it may seem strange, applying an olive oil mask to your hair for a couple of hours is an excellent way to regain its natural shine.

4. Banana puree for dry hair

Applying mashed bananas to your hair is an excellent way to treat dry hair. And it is that thanks to its vegetable oils, vitamins, and potassium, it helps to hydrate the hair, making it regain its shine. Also, it improves hair health in general and even prevents the development of dandruff.

6. Avocado oil

This mask consists of mashing several avocados, collecting the oil they release, and applying it to the hair. These vegetable fats help to hydrate the hair and stop it from looking dry and rough.

7. Jojoba oil

Jojoba is a native plant of Mexico that acts as a powerful moisturizer. In this case, we can obtain it in pharmacies, but its application is easy. It merely has to be worn on the hair for a couple of hours to allow it to hydrate.

8. Tea tree oil to treat dry hair

It works in a way like coconut oil, and its results are very similar. A mask is applied for a couple of hours and then rinsed off. It is readily available in most supermarkets.

9. Avocado, honey, and egg

Now we are getting more creative, as we will start combining products so that the effects of hydration and recovery of the natural shine are much higher. In this case, we will prepare a mask by mixing one whole avocado (not just the oil), three tablespoons of honey, and one raw egg yolk (not the white). We put this mixture on our hair for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

10. Castor and soybean oil

These two oils are rich in vegetable fatty acids, and together they help a lot to hydrate the hair. We mix them and heat them until the preparation is slightly hot. So, we apply it to the hair for about 20 minutes. Afterward, we rinse with water.

11. Lemon, egg, and olive oil

It is the perfect remedy if your hair is dry and tends to tangle. We prepare this mask by mixing one tablespoon of lemon juice (thanks to the vitamin C it contains, the hair grows longer and makes it healthy), one raw egg yolk, and one tablespoon of olive oil. We apply it on damp hair and after 20 minutes, rinse.

12. Mayonnaise and olive oil

All the mayonnaise ingredients are useful to improve hair health, so we will prepare a mask with two tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 of olive oil (the mayonnaise already has it, but we add more to make it more liquid and apply better). We use it for a quarter of an hour.

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