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Hydrate the dry skin of our face with these ten remedies

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Hydrate the Dry Skin

Having a perfect face begins with having well-clean and hydrated skin. One of the biggest problems that we can find, especially in winter, is how to hydrate dry skin.

Dryness is the cause of annoying and unsightly flaking and cracking of the skin. To avoid this, we explain 15 remedies to hydrate dry skin and show off a smooth and healthy face.

The best tips and remedies to hydrate dry skin

Here are some tips and natural treatments to avoid dry facial skin and maintain well-cared-for skin.

1. Drink water

It might seem obvious, but it is one of the points that people neglect the most. It will be useless to hydrate our face’s dry skin if we do not keep the whole organism hydrated.

Drink up to three-liter of water a day, which will help us avoid the face’s dryness and that our skin gains elasticity and luminosity.

2. Eat lots of fruit

Another way to hydrate dry skin and maintain a healthy face is to eat lots of fruit. The consumption of fruits and vegetables nourishes the skin and unite our skin’s collagen fibers, which implies more excellent elasticity and a more youthful appearance.

Brightly colored fruits such as citrus fruits and berries are good. These also contain vitamin C, which helps to give a younger and firmer appearance to our skin.

3. Omega 3

Eating foods rich in omega-three is also one of the best ways to naturally hydrate our face’s dry skin. Omega 3 helps keep cells well hydrated and prevents the appearance of redness due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

We can find it in foods such as oily fish, walnuts, or chia seeds. Although they also sell supplements that may contain it and can be an extra in your meals.

4. Wash your face daily

Even if necessary, performing a daily cleansing routine is essential to keep it clean and hydrated. Follow this facial cleansing ritual in which we advise you step by step on the entire procedure to follow for a good skin cleansing.

5. But not just any cleansing gel will do!

Choosing a good cleansing gel will also influence the result. Some gels and soaps are too harsh or contain chemicals that remove natural oils from the face, further drying out the skin.

An excellent gel to hydrate our face’s dry skin will be one that contains natural nourishing and moisturizing agents. Avoid petroleum-based products, and prioritize oil-based ones over water-based solutions. The application of a toner and moisturizer after washing your face will also help us complete the process.

6. And don’t forget to lower the water temperature

Taking a scorching shower in the middle of winter is relaxing and very tempting, but spending too much time inside can be harmful to our skin. Subjecting our face to boiling water vapors affects the oils that keep it hydrated and facilitates dryness.

To avoid this, it will be enough to lower the water temperature to a warmer one, spend less time in the shower, and use moisturizers for the shower.

7. Try the benefits of a humidifier

Another easy and effortless way to hydrate the dry skin of our face will be the provision of a humidifier in our home. Heating or air conditioning dries out the environment, causing the skin to dry out. A humidifier will help create moisture in the air and prevent our skin from drying out more quickly.

8. Rosehip oil

Whether in oil format or as a base in creams, Rosehip has excellent benefits for our skin. One of them is its high vitamin A content, which increases moisture levels and improves skin impermeability, thus avoiding water loss and improving facial hydration.

9. Aloe vera cream

Another natural product that will help us combat the effects of cold on our face is aloe vera. This plant’s properties are endless, and one of them is to hydrate and help soften the skin, relieving irritations and flaking that may occur due to dryness.

The same gelatin that we obtain when opening the plant can be applied directly on the face as a gel, Or we can create a cream from the same substance by adding half a glass of coconut oil and mixing. This home remedy will be perfect for keeping you hydrated for longer.

10. Virgin olive oil

This product is present in every home, so you will have no excuse not to keep your face soft and smooth. Its benefits do not remain in its mere properties as food; since applied to the face, it provides hydration, nutrition, and elasticity in the skin, reducing spots and wrinkles.

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