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The Best Hair Straighteners Of 2020

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Straighteners – Getting great hair not only implies taking care of your hair Straighteners with specific products for your hair type and giving it the extra pampering it needs to strengthen it and prevent hair loss.  The styling tools you use also play a fundamental role.

That’s why curved brushes, the favorite tool of girls with long, curly hair to gain shine and detangle,  have become the season’s biggest seller. And, let’s face it, no matter how bad irons and dryers are, it is practically impossible to renounce the benefits they offer us.

And, if you use them carefully, they are the best remedy against frizz, an efficient tool to tame your hair Straighteners, and the definitive secret to showing off your hair.

The key is to find a quality model that takes care of your hair and uses them with respect and moderation. And, although the second task is entirely up to you, we want to help you as much as possible.

That is why we have selected the best models on the market, from the most coveted to the most economical, so that you can choose your ideal hair straightener and give yourself the gift you deserve this Christmas.

1.     Remington S8598 Keratin Protect

With a total of 25,011 ratings from users who have tried them, the Remington S8598 Keratin Protect straightener has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

If we add to this that it is madeing with advanced ceramic plates with keratin and almond oil and a heat protection sensor that adjusts the temperature.

We will have found the perfect combo.

A device that not only enhances the shine of your hair Straighteners but also makes it suffer as little as possible.

It has a rapid heating system by which it reaches the optimal temperature in just 15 seconds (very practical on those days when you are running full time and you forget to connect the irons so that they heat up on time).

A digital display that shows you the temperature.

Manual control to regulate it in 5 levels from 160 to 230 degrees, automatic safety shutdown.

And floating plates to exert the same pressure on all the strands and achieve consistent results.

2.     Babyliss ST393E

If one of your biggest problems is frizz, you have surely noticed that nothing leaves your hair like straighteners, no matter how many products you use.

And, if you also choose a model with a specific anti-frizz function, the result will be incredible.

This is precisely what the BaByliss ST393E flat irons offer you, made with extra-long titanium ceramic plates and a system that eliminates static electricity and combats frizz.

In addition to the advantages of titanium, which transmits heat much more quickly to achieve a perfect straightening with a single pass.

Its Advanced Ceramics heating system guarantees that the plates will reach the same temperature in all their points.

To offer you a result more homogeneous and better control. Or the more natural waves since the rounded shape of these irons allow you to both straighten and curl.

As an extra, it has six temperature levels, from 140 to 235 degrees.

Which you can adjust to your liking to take care of your hair to the maximum.

3.     GHD Gold

For women who value quality above all else, no model beats the GHD Gold.

With dual-zone heat control technology, it has two sensors instead of offering you a homogeneous temperature on both plates, greater precision.

And protection when combing your hair. Its leaves, as well as its barrel, are very soft and rounded.

To achieve a glide without pulling and a much easier, faster, and frizz-free hairstyle.

Also, it maintains a fixed and homogeneous temperature of 185 degrees, since, as explained by the brand.

It is optimal to model hair effectively (lower temperatures do not achieve such a smooth and polished result) without damaging it.

Its universal voltage will allow you to use them in any corner of the world. They heat up automatically in just 25 seconds and turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

In addition, you can choose between black, white or get a special gift box for Christmas, with a brush and toiletry bag included.

4.     Remington Shine Therapy S8500

If you are looking for a quality iron but at a more affordable price than the top models, Remington has good alternatives in its catalog.

In addition to the first option, the Remington Shine Therapy S8500 also presents excellent ratings by users, and its price is much more adjust, especially now that it is on sale.

Thus, it is a tool equipped with floating and extra-long plates with advanced ceramic coating with Moroccan argan oil, nine temperature levels ranging from 150 to 230 degrees and shown on its digital display.

Rapid heating system ( in just 15 seconds), turbo function, and automatic shutdown after one hour of disuse.

All this focused on achieving a much silkier and shinier mane, with a manageable, precise, and homogeneous hairstyle. Also, it comes with a heat-resistant bag so you can store and transport them.

5.     Philips HP8361 / 00

Its ceramic plates with keratin, gentle vibration, heat control, and ionizing function manage to adjust the temperature with great precision and in a homogeneous way to avoid damaging your hair and offer you a very smooth glide.

A very comfortable hairstyle, and a smooth and shiny result. Frizz-free.

It has a screen where all the settings will be showing.

It will notify you when it reaches the ideal temperature (which usually takes just 30 seconds) and a 2.5-meter flexible cable that will allow you to use them in any space with total comfort.

Among the benefits that users who have tried them comment on.

They highlight the ease when making any hairstyle (both straight and waves or curls).

How shiny it leaves the hair, looking very healthy, how quickly it heats up, and the benefits of its temperature regulation function.

6.     Xmas Ghd Platinum Chest

If you are looking for a gift to surprise or want to indulge yourself that this year, more than ever, will be well deserved, in your letter to Santa Claus, you cannot miss the Xmas GHD Platinum + Gift Set.

A special limited edition gift pack, which includes the GHD Platinum model as well as a brush to take your hairstyles to another level, is all presented in a heat-resistant toiletry bag.

And the advantages of this model of plates are not far behind.

With an intelligent heat control system.

It calculates the temperature 250 times per second to adjust it at all times and achieve professional results with all the protection for your hair.

But it also includes two sensors that detect your hair type, the thickness of the lock.

And the styling speed to adapt their power to the needs of your hair at all times.

Presented as the most advanced GHD straightener.

Its floating plates are perfectly aligned and coated with an ultra gloss coating that achieves a smooth pull-free glide.

Completely respectful of your hair Straighteners.

All of this focused on getting stronger, healthier, and shinier hair, with long-lasting and perfectly polished results.

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