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How to volumize thin and sparse-hair?

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sparse-hair –¬†Having fine hair worries us, and much more if we have little. We show you how to add volume to thin and sparse hair with a few simple tips.

Not all of us have the hair that we would like to have. If you have it curly, you want it straight, and if you have it straight, how do you want it?

We spend hours and hours in front of the mirror trying to give it that shape that we have seen a celebrity on Instagram, some curls, maximum volume.

It all starts at the hairdresser

There are cuts that, as a rule, do not go well with women who have fine hair. We are mainly talking about paraded cuts and cuts without layers. If you have thin and sparse hair, your ideal amount would be a layered or scaled one. With this cut, you will have volume even without making waves or drying your hair with the dryer head down.

On the other hand, sparse-hair to give the hair volume, it is best to opt for a medium length of hair, no hair down to the ground because it would not look quite right. If the hair falls over the shoulder, it is a good option.

How to volumize hair in the shower

The next thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use just any shampoo when showering and washing your hair. You have to use a volume shampoo because this will be the one that thickens your hair. And the same happens with the conditioner; if we use one that is not suitable, we can achieve the opposite effect, that the hair is straight and falls too much.

We recommend that you use a collagen shampoo to increase the diameter of your hair and add vitality, volume, and strength.

Use the dryer to give the hair volume

One technique that doesn’t fail is to use your blow dryer and blow-dry your hair head down. We had already told you about this trick above, but we should repeat it because it is something straightforward, it will not take much time, and it is of forgot.

To last much longer, what you should do is hold the position until the hair is parched; if it is wet, it will fall out again, which is not what we need. To finish, you can put on a little fine hairspray.

Apply volumizers or other similar products

The market is full of products that help to add volume to the hair without difficulty. One of these products is volumizers, capable of thickening hair without weighing it down and leaving it light and shiny.

You can also use some anti-hair loss treatment since these have the purpose of making your hair not detach from the roots; some can even give the sensation of having a thicker mane. Also, this is how it also serves us preventively. Two in one!

Discover the magic of dry shampoo

Don’t be misled by its name; dry shampoo is use for those days when fat begins to appear from your roots, and in a hurry, you can’t wash your hair. This product acts on the heart as if they were talcum powder. But the thing is not there. sparse-hair This type of dry shampoo also adds volume to the hair and a lot.

The application is effortless. You have to apply the product to the roots; it can be below them, much better. You should shake your hair as if you were washing it very quickly to remove the excess, and if you finish the process upside down by rubbing it with a towel, the result will be much more attractive.

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