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How to Choose a Hairdresser? What can you find in a Hairdresser?

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How to choose the best hairdresser for you: here you have all the information to find the best hairdresser. In addition to the equipment (this is the most important thing) you should look at four things. We will explain it to you below.

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What you can find in a Hairdresser

The beginners try to convince you to choose the only cut that they are good at, the professionals with great skill, but who only offer you what stayed damaged in the nineties. The excessively creative who propose. The perfect look, but that won’t make you feel good,… then?

When we select a professional in Salon, we ask him a question:

If a genius allowed you to master whatever technique or quality you want to be successful in the hairdressing salon and thus join our team, what would you choose?

  • I would choose to be the hairdresser with the best cuts.
  • I would ask to understand and master the application of color Is not correct. None of these capabilities is what will allow you to join our team.

We are four professionals Chelo, Esther, Norma, and Linda

Our team of stylists’ years of experience means that we know many types of hair and a wide variety of cases to solve curly hair, a mane or short hair, and improve its texture and quality.

And we love our work

And the most important

We carry out continuous training, and we are all obsessed with mastering all the techniques and jobs that make you feel much better.

Even so

If you must choose a Hairdresser in Alicante and doubt, what should you look for? How to compare your prices?

Well, we have to bear in mind that the skin is a very delicate organ that we must take care of and pamper with what a quality product would undoubtedly be in the first place.

1. See the Quality of the Products Displayed by the Hairdresser in their Shop Window.

When it comes to knowing and comparing a hairdresser’s prices, the quality of their products is the first thing to consider since many of them will touch our skin, and an inferior quality product can damage, irritate or produce an allergic reaction.

With a suitable dye, we will not run any risk of suffering a reaction

2. How they Communicate with us

When we have already booked an appointment, and we are in the hairdressing salon, the stylist has to know how to listen to us, to know what we like and what we do not like about our hair, the habits and care routines we have with our hair and what is the style that we would like to bring or get.

A good conversation is essential so that the final result reaches the expectations we expect

3. Opinions

Thanks to Google, reviews provide valuable information about a business.

These allow us to check the quality of your services and the level of satisfaction of your customers

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4. Other details

It is like offering us coffee or tea, current and fashion magazines, and worrying about us while we wait for our appointment or are undergoing treatment.

They are little pampering that the best beauty centers offer and that readily comprised in the price.

If reading this, you decide to try and meet us from here; you can make an appointment or request information

From Styl Project, we invite you to discover our hairdresser in Alicante, where we are specialists in keratin straightening and balayage highlights, among other services, and we are at your disposal to give you free advice and diagnosis service and to do everything possible to make you feel it was worth it

Because beautiful balayage highlights or repairing keratin straightening are not available everywhere.

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