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How To Choose The Greatest Shower For Your Bathrooms?

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shower – Few things are as perfect and refreshing as taking a good bath. Coming home after a busy day, entering and gradually detaching yourself from your suitcase, shoes, tie, jacket, and feel like freedom begins to take over your body again.

So you head to the bathroom, turn on the shower, shed your nerves, and let the warm water begin to run through your skin, opening your pores so that stress evaporates with the smoke from the shower.

Your worries and bad vibes are detaching from you, and little by little, they fall towards the drain until they are lost.

The aroma of soap and shampoo envelop you in a foam of purity and well-being, and when the water cleanses your body again, it allows the best version of you to be reborn, with all its energy and happiness.

1. Do some research on the options that exist

Surely you have already realized that there is more than one option for the shower when you go to the stores. You probably have not taken the time to discover its characteristics.

Well, to start the search for the perfect shower, you need to know its characteristics. After all, it is easier to find something when you know exactly what it is.

Wall-mounted, handheld, unidirectional, multidirectional, pressure, for massage, etc. There are several types, which not only have to do with the design.

But also with the material and the way it is use. So, below we will current the most common types of shower and their advantages, and we recommend that you base your choices on your needs and the design of the bathroom.

2. Single head or pressure shower head

This type of shower is the most traditional. Their oval shape characterizes them and because they expel a jet of water on a specific area. In reality, these types of showers are beneficial and accessible, but they are designe for quick baths. So if you want to enjoy the water sliding down your skin, you’d better check out our next option. This design is by JF Arquitectos .

3. Rain

When we are little, we enjoy the rain, feeling how the waterfalls on our face, in the same direction and with a gentle force. Well, rain showers will make us feel rejuvenated and will teach us to enjoy rainy days. Unlike the previous one, these showers have a common area, generally square, or round as in this design by  Taller Estilo Arquitectura that distributes the water evenly over our body.

4. Multiple sprinklers

As the name implies, this type of showerhead has multiple heads. They are ideal for large spaces and for those looking to make their bathroom a unique experience. You can combine them with colored lights, as in this design from Estudio 60/75, for a more modern effect. The disadvantage is that they waste a lot of water.

5. Mixed Readers

This type of showerhead consists of two different heads. One of them is recessed on the ceiling, while the other is a hand head. These types of showers are perfect for bathrooms that have a tub and, in addition, a bathroom area, as in this design by BR Arquitectos, or for rooms where you do not know who the user will be, such as guest rooms or children’s rooms.

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