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Best Online Furniture Stores with Contemporary Designs

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Best Online Furniture Stores

What are the best online furniture stores? Maybe for the person, it is something different. The selection that we make in this article is a selection that, above all, looks for contemporary, fresh, and somewhat minimalist furniture. We anticipate that it is not a selection of vintage, rustic web or that chic boho roll. We seek the right level of design, quality, and price. Of the websites that we recommend, some work with large furniture brands in which there are usually great designers behind. Others work with smaller and exciting designers. Finally, we have included some websites that work “inspired, replica, or anonymous” pieces that can make a good deal for you when your budget is small. However, this selection’s order has nothing to do with whether they are better or worse.

1) GOFI / The best stores to buy furniture online

Let’s start with a small store that two designers set up and sell pieces designed by them. This website is called Goff, and it is an editor or producer that has articles by Goula / Figuera, a couple of designers who have won a Neo2 Design Award. They have a few pieces, but all of them are delicate. Their prices are quite reasonable. The Go Chair, for example, has a brutal personality and is priced at around 300 euros. It may seem expensive if compared with Ikea, but being a collector’s item, I assure you that it is a very reasonable price.

2) KAVE HOME / The best stores to buy furniture online

More stores to purchase furniture online? Let’s go with one of the Spanish Kave Home stores. The designs are anonymous, making the pieces not a good investment for the future. But on the other hand, this website is very manageable, pleasant, and has a selection with the right art direction. They are part of the Julià Grup group and have been in the furniture market for 35 years. Attention: they have just opened a large store in Madrid on Calle Hermosilla 13. It is handy to stop by to test their sofas and chairs.

3) DOMESTIC SHOP / The best stores to buy furniture online

The following website selected to purchase furniture is Domestico Shop, a Spanish website with physical stores in Spain, 2 in Barcelona, and 2 in Madrid. The selection of this store is excellent, they are up to date on trends, and their selection is impeccable in both brands and designers. It only has a small problem, and it is the prices. You buy original parts, and that comes at a cost. The good thing about buying actual and author pieces are that it is relatively easy to sell them on the second-hand market when you get tired, which is not the case with anonymous work.

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4) MADE / The best stores to buy furniture online

Another excellent online store is the English Made. Anonymous products, very inspired by current trends. Prices almost like those of Ikea, art direction worked, and impeccable web browsing. Although they are English, the subject of shipments is very affordable. They usually take a little longer than what they say in the delivery, a negative point from my own experience.

5) NEST / The best stores to buy furniture online

We continue with another English company, which is not bad at it and is called Nest. A brand and website created by Christian Hawley, a computer scientist who, tired of his work, turned to his wife in this new adventure. It works with prestigious and recognized brands such as & Tradition, Ferm Living, Menu, Northerm, Flos, Tom Dixon, etc. The prices and shipping costs may be somewhat high, but the variety and selection of products are excellent.

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