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5 Iconic Lipsticks you Have to Try

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Lipstick – is the best selling cosmetic. But among the hundreds of lipsticks that exist, some stand out significantly. Brands and shades that have made history for different reasons.

Either they have been creating by fashion and beauty greats such as Chanel, Dior or Yves Saint Laurent, or they have managed to become best-sellers thanks to a famous or a secret formula that has captivated millions of women, such as MAC or Nars. Discover the five iconic lipsticks that you should try at least once in your life.

Their colour, their formula or their duration have made these lipsticks cult objects. Some have a long history behind them and even the honour of being the predecessor of the first lipstick in history: Rouge G de Guerlain.

Others have revolutionized the world of cosmetics with their formats, such as Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

And there is also one that has been labele as the universal lipstick, which suits all women: Russian Red by Mac. Although they are not all there, these are iconic lipsticks, which have already earned a place in the history of cosmetics.

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1. Russian Red Mac

It is perhaps the best-known lipstick, rivalling Ruby Woo, also from Mac in the top 1 of worldwide sales. Mac’s Russian Red lipstick (€ 19.50) owes much of its fame to Madonna, who wore it on her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. Since then, it has captivated famous and non-famous.

The key to its success is its colour, a bluish red that suits all women, regardless of skin colour. Its ultra matte finish, creamy texture, and extended wear have made it one of the iconic lipsticks that we advise you to try at least once.

2. Nars Dragon Girl

A cult lipstick, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, revolutionized the concept of lipstick by combining the practicality of a pencil with the result of a lipstick, and all under the design of a giant pencil.

Its silky and matte finish provides a consistent tone in a long-lasting formula that does not dry out the lips. It is enriched with emollients and vitamin E to achieve greater comfort and protection of the lips.

In addition, its format is comfortable and very easy to apply. The Dragon Girl shade (27 euros), a mermaid red, is the best seller.

3. Rouge Dior 999

In 1953 Christian Dior created Rouge Dior, first launching a limited edition exclusively for sale at 30 Montaigne Avenue. From the beginning, this lipstick conquered celebrities like Marlene Dietrich or Grace Kelly.

The lipstick was changing, declining in more shades and 2016, under the impulse of Peter Philips, director of image and creation of Dior makeup, Rouge Dior reinvents itself with its new formula of 16 hours of comfort and an even more sewing case, with red inner cap, like the iconic 999 shade. Today Rouge Dior is available in 3 different formulas: Ultra Rouge and Ultra Care (liquid and stick). The 999 tone, the most demanded, is general in all versions.

4. Rouge G by Guerlain

In 1870 Aimé Guerlain created ‘Ne m’oubliez paz’, his first lipstick, refillable and with an innovative sliding wheel. In the 1920s, Guerlain modernized the formulas and form and launched Rouge d’Enfer. Guerlain Automatique would arrive in the 1930s, whose case was open with a simple touch of the fingers.

Rouge G was born in 1954, her permanent lipstick that over the years became a jewel and one of the most iconic lipsticks. The current version of the Rouge G was launched in 2009 and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes (matte, glossy, metallic).

The formula, enriched with plant-based polymers and silver microcrystals, sublimates the lips for long-lasting and intense colour. In addition, Rouge G de Guerlain (33 euros) stands out for its customizable casing (22 euros) with a built-in mirror.

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5. L’Abaolu Rouge de Lancome

L’Absolu Rouge de Lancôme (35 euros) is another iconic lipstick that cannot be missing from our selection. It is enriche with the patented Pro-Xylane molecule, which helps restore hydration and reinforce the lip protection barrier.

In addition, it contains vitamin E to protect them from external aggressions. Twenty-five years after its creation, L’Absolu Rouge by Lancôme is available in three finishes: creamy, matte and gloss. And its packaging is a jewel case lacquered in black with golden finishes. You have 39 shades to choose from. It is in the top 4 of the most popular lipsticks in the world.

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