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The Five Types of Hourglasses

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Hourglasses – In our online hourglass store, you can find the glass body of the watch without the structure. The greatest thing about this timepiece is that you can have it in a minimalist way only with the essential part of an hourglass, which is the glass with the characteristic shape. This is the most visible element of an hourglass.

1.Glass hourglass

Keeping this watch without any structure that can protect it against a fall can be somewhat dangerous. Since the blow would fall entirely on the glass, we’d better keep it in a safe place and out of the reach of families.

You can also buy this glass hourglass to make your structure in the material you want, as we show you in the videos. You can create incredible structure designs adjusted to the measurements of this watch.

If you like more than your homemade hourglass is made of glass instead of plastic, this is your product. With this, the result will be more refined and more modest. We have all the most beautiful clocks of all types of hourglasses out there today.

2.Wooden hourglass

The hourglasses with wooden frames take on an older and more classic style. Although this style is a general rule, some have a more modern and sophisticated cut. If this is your style, we have a wide range of watches that you will love.

As a general rule, these wooden watches are usually a little more expensive than others made with modern materials. Sometimes it is worth spending a little more since this material gives a warmer appearance and fits perfectly as a decorative object if we have a place with wooden furniture and more classic and cozy decoration.

Here we bring you the cheapest hourglasses, so you don’t have to spend a fortune. We have the best models and prices in our online hourglass store.

3.Brass hourglass

Another of the materials used for the structure of an hourglass is brass. This material is excellent for representing old objects. If you are 1 of the persons who have a passion for old things, this is your place.

We have brass hourglasses with a very varied design. In addition, many times, this material has applied a patina, varnishes, and acids to give a more aged appearance. This aesthetic is every day in objects like these since their creation and use are outdated. It helps us transport ourselves to a bygone era.

It is unusual to discover this type of material, such as brass, for more modern designs. It would be hard work to make a modern design out of this material simply because it carries older characteristics than wood.

4.Magnetic hourglass

Without wanting to go out of the conventional, a magnetic hourglass will be the best option for you. These watches have become popular in recent times due to their peculiar characteristics. These clocks change the sand inside for metal filings to measure time. These filings fall and are attractive by a magnet that is locate at the base of the watch.

This attraction effect between the magnet and the iron filings creates great and unique products in each rotation. The filings join each other to build a jagged mountain with complex shapes challenging to describe.   This peculiarity is what gives these watches an exceptional character.

The magnetic watch performs its function perfectly (measuring time), but the best thing is its visual effect which can leave us stunned while the metal filings fall.

We can use it as a relaxation method to disconnect from the tasks we are doing for a couple of notes and then remain with the job. We can leave it on the desk and use it to take small pauses and not get overwhelmed.

5.Liquid hourglass

Liquid clocks are something out of the ordinary. If magnetic hourglasses seemed strange to us, these would seem crazy to you.

Liquid hourglasses are the most hypnotic. These clocks have the peculiarity of being inverted. This means that instead of lowering the sand, in these clocks, it goes up. These hourglasses appear to defy gravity.

This impressive effect occurs with the different densities of the internal liquids, which slowly pass from one space to another. Different densities such as oil and water.

In our online store, we have these fantastic watches.

You don’t have to spend any more time kicking yourself all over the city to find the best regards. Here we have the most special clocks so you can enjoy the time.

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