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Ditch the Myths: Debunking Eyebrow Myths

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Eyebrows are beauty assets, and it is essential to take good care of them. However, some women may think that their eyebrow hair serums and gels aren’t enough to preserve their beauty. If you have been putting or trying new yet strange products on your eyebrows, then you need to be extra careful. Don’t just believe in what other people say to you; research first before applying or doing something on your eyebrows.  Some hacks and tips on eyebrow hair care might backfire and cause harm instead. Therefore, check out the most common eyebrow myths that women should debunk and stop doing.

5 Eyebrow Myths Every Woman Needs to Debunk

Myth # 1: Shaving your eyebrows won’t make them thicker.

Some women think that shaving can make your brows grow thicker hair strands. Nope, it doesn’t and never will. When you touch the ends of the strands, they feel blunt, as if they’ve become thicker. In fact, you may be on the verge of losing your eyebrow hair if you shave them too often. It can wound your skin and may end up scarring, blocking the pores, and prevent the growth of new hair strands. Hence, don’t overdo this particular eyebrow shaping technique.

Myth # 2: Your eyebrows don’t have to be matchy-matchy with your hair color.

Your hair and eyebrows don’t have to become twins in color unless you aim for a monochromatic look. You have the freedom to choose what color to put on your eyebrows, and that color doesn’t have to please your hair dye. However, if you still want to color to complement your hair’s hue, you can dye your eyebrows two shades lighter or darker.

Myth # 3: Your eyebrows have the same length and density.

Even identical twins have differences. Hence, there’s no reason for your eyebrows to have the exact length and density. One eyebrow could have more hair strands or be longer than the other brow. You can fill in the gaps or draw some lines to make them look identical.

Myth # 4: Eyebrows have to be arch-shaped.

Just like how you want your head hair to have various hairstyles, you should also shape your lovely eyebrows according to your preference. In Asian countries, straight eyebrows are famous for making women appear younger and innocent-looking. On the other hand, women in Western countries emphasize bolder makeup details, preferring the arch-shaped style. As long as you love the way your eyebrows, it won’t matter whether your eyebrow shape’s horizontal, rounded, tapered, or arched.

Myth # 5: Hair removal can make your eyebrows go bald.

A neat-looking pair of eyebrows has become trendy nowadays. Hence, many women will opt to undergo waxing, threading, tweezing, or plucking to achieve those perfect eyebrows. However, some are still afraid to get rid of those excess hairs because of their fear of losing their eyebrow hair. Don’t worry; none of these methods can make your eyebrow hair go bald. However, the lacerations you may get from any of these hair removal techniques can cause scarring and prevent hair regrowth. Therefore, always be careful when removing eyebrow hair strands to avoid wounding your skin.

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Eyebrow Hair Loss Isn’t a Myth. 

Of all the debunked eyebrow myths, women should also believe that eyebrow hair loss is possible. Unfortunately, anyone can lose his or her eyebrows because of various reasons. It can happen due to alopecia problems or improper eyebrow hair care. Therefore, women should be extra vigilant when handling tools and applying products for their eyebrows. If they don’t, they may lose the eyebrows that they care about in the end.

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