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Hamptons Style – The 5 Most Important Elements

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Every decor style is a combination of different elements that are combined to create a specific aesthetic and evoke a lifestyle. This is true for the Hamptons style of interior decor.  This popular coastal decor style incorporates a classic design theme with modern, elegant create an interior style that is both crisp and relaxed.

If you’re looking to create the timeless and elegant look of a Hamptons-style interior, you’ll need to know the essential elements of this style of interior decor. Five of the most important aspects you’ll have to get right to create a Hamptons-style theme are highlighted below.

Space & Lighting

The Hamptons style of interior decor is characterised by a classic and breezy look achieved by letting in an abundance of natural light into your space. This is achieved with large windows, french windows and an open space floor plan that creates a perfect flow as you transition from outdoor to indoor. Ample space and natural light help create the breezy feel of the original Hampton beach houses that inspired this style of interior decor. In the end, your space should look and feel spacious and airy, which helps to coordinate the other elements of this interior decor style.


A Hamptons-style decor is often characterised by crisp white walls, light-coloured flooring and a subtle mix of other neutral colours like soft, bright blues, beige, grey and black. You may also incorporate occasional pops of bright colours like gold, orange and green as accessories to break the neutral theme and evoke a modern look.  The ultimate goal is to use colours that reflect light and create a soft, breezy ambience in your space.

Hamptons Style
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Shaker-Style Cabinetry

While most people emphasise living rooms when talking about Hamptons-styled decor, other rooms of the room, like the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, should also reflect this style. One of the elements that makes this possible is the use of classic shaker-style cabinetry with beautiful handles in these rooms that evoke a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Timber Floors and Staircases

The floors and staircases in Hamptons-styled homes are typically made from natural materials such as light oak floors. These textured natural materials capture the casual coastal look that this decor style is known for. You can also add a modern twist to this classic design by opting for natural slate tiles. Textured floor coverings like natural fibre carpets and rugs also fit nicely with the overall theme of a Hampton-styled home.

Hamptons Style Furniture

A Hamptons-styled house should be furnished with furniture that reflects the style. Hampton-style furniture pieces are characterised by simple profiles that emphasise the uncluttered and airy feel you hope to achieve with this theme. The emphasis is on simplicity, functionality, luxury and relaxation. The sofas are soft and well cushioned with light and textured upholstery made from linen or cotton materials. Hamptons-styled upholstery also tends to come in light neutral colour pellets like white, cream, beige, and grey.

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