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Hair fall: stress can be one of the causes of hair fall

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Hair Fall

Typically, we lose about 100 hairs a day. It may look exaggerated, but it is normal. However, if this number grows significantly for a long time, it is known as hair loss, and we should think about its causes. There are many reasons: pregnancy, diet, brushing too much, and stress are typical suspects.

Why can stress cause hair to fall out?

Like skin, our hair reflects what is happening in our lives and our emotions. When we are under significant stress, hair suffers with us, becomes less shiny and more brittle, and loses vitality. If stress continues for a long time, so that hormones cannot return to their normal levels, this can affect the hair follicles, preventing average hair growth and, in some cases causing hair loss all over the head or in areas circular. It can happen even months after the stress ends.

When stress decreases, does hair fall stop?

You need to identify the cause of the stress to avoid it. One way to try is by living a healthy lifestyle and getting enough sleep so your body can recover from a busy day. For example, Yoga, which gives natural relaxation, can help reduce stress. But be patient: the hair growth cycle is relatively slow, and it may take several months for you to see real improvements. During this time, volumizing hair products can mask the loss. Tip: stimulate the roots while you wash them with shampoo, massaging them well. We recommend the Ultimate Oil Elixir range from Gliss, which rebuilds the hair structure, providing strength and shine from the roots.

Hair that falls out due to stress alopecia grows back

We can have the health of steel and be strong as an oak. Still, most of us let our guard down at some point in our lives; we become more sensitive to stress and emotions and suffer consequences, including alopecia.

  1. Stress – physical or emotional – can cause hair loss on the scalp (which contains around 100,000 hairs).

It can cause a fall of up to 50% of the hair without a localized area due to a constant state of anxiety, nervousness, and depression, all randomly combined.

  1. Facing any of these stimuli, the hair growth cycle will get altered.
  2. Hair falls out, similarly in all areas of the head (not locally), in strands while shampooing, combing, or running hands overhead.

When the reason is stress, hair tends to fall out gradually, although it can also be abrupt and pronounced.

In a matter of 2 weeks, a person can notice how much of their hair disappears. The patient sometimes enters a circle from which it is tough for him to get out: stress causes his hair to fall out, and as his hair falls out, he stresses even more. With which, this type of alopecia ends up being psychologically harmful and sometimes causing great emotional suffering.

Fortunately, once you overcome the emotional crisis, the hair grows back with the same vitality as before the stressful episode.

Alopecia caused by stress can get cured by leading a calmer life until recovering from a state of calm or through psychotherapy. The anti-hair loss shampoo, by itself, is not able to stop these processes. However, it can provide essential elements to strengthen it as it grows. However, better to consult a dermatologist when the fall has lasted for a long time.

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