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Traditional wear write for us Traditional Wear Write For Us: Traditional wearcan be defined as a collection of jewelry, accessoriesand clothing that are rooted in the past and worn by an identifiable group of people. Although slight changes in color, shape and material can be seen over time, the assembly seems to have been carried over unchanged from the past. Traditional wear, or costume, is a term that is widely used by both the public and clothing writers. It conjures up images of country folk in colorful, exotic and layered clothing from an idealized distant past. This notion of traditional style has been interrogated and deemed unsuitable by someinvestigators and academics, but its uncritical use will continue into the 21st century. The term traditional wear or costume is often used synonymously with the terms regional,ethnicand folk clothing. For a short-termconversation of this language, see Welters, and for a fascinating insight into how the term is used, try a web search for the words “traditional wear “.

Traditional Wear Write For Us: In Webster’s Third International Dictionary, tradition is defined as “an inherited or established way of thinking, feeling, or acting: a preserved or developed cultural characteristic from the past” (1993, p. 2422; italics by the author). The thought of traditional wear as a static form of the past is often contrasted with the rapidly changing fashions of the “West”. Ethnographers and travelers documenting actual dressing practices made the original data available for further interpretation by other researchers. Early social psychologists were primarily concerned with understanding the human element of fashion change, not the

continuity of any particular dress tradition, so the reference to tradition or custom in general was brief. common studies of folklore or dresshave been designed to show the diversity and splendor of the persons of the world, while the more recent specific studies tend to be more historical and cultural. Tarrant asks the relevant questions: “Which tradition?” and “How old is the tradition?” basic questions for researching and analyzing the cultural-historical aspects of clothing.

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