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6 Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

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Bathroom: Do you have a bathroom that feels outdated? Do you find yourself avoiding it because of its appearance? If so, there are many easy ways to spruce up your bathroom without having to do a complete remodel. Read on for 6 quick and affordable updates that will make your bathroom look new.

A shower replacement is an inexpensive and fast bathroom update. If your shower is looking worn, this can be a great place to start. A new shower can make the entire bathroom feel cleaner and more open. Including a new showerhead with it can give it a completely new look and feel.

  • Add a New Bathroom Mirror

Adding a new mirror to your bathroom can make it seem bigger and brighter. This is an inexpensive way to update a bathroom that will not require any expensive work. A new mirror can give you just enough of those fresh minor updates without spending too much.

  • Replace the Toilet

Toilets are cheap and easy to replace, so if you want a quick update to your bathroom this is an excellent option. Plus, they can really make a difference in water usage reduction! Put that into terms of money saved on the water bill and a new toilet will essentially pay for itself!

  • Update Your Vanity

If your bathroom is looking a little outdated, updating your vanity may be exactly what you need to give it an updated look. Most people have either traditional wood vanities, tile vanities, or granite vanities. But, why not go for something else, like vessel sinks? Vessel sinks are popular right now because of the modern look they give off. They also allow you to put a lot more on top of your sink without cluttering up the room or making it feel smaller.

  • Swap Out the Fixtures

Fixtures are something that can easily be replaced without having to do a full bathroom remodel. This is especially true for the light fixtures, both overhead and wall sconces. If your light fixtures are outdated, replacing them can make all of the difference in how you feel about your bathroom!

  • Install Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come back into style over the last few years. Wallpaper can give a bathroom an expensive feel as well as add personality to the bathroom. Plus, if you are planning on hiring someone to do the work, wallpaper installation can be very affordable!

  • Add New Hardware

Hardware, like towel racks, cabinet handles, and toilet paper holders are easy ways to update the look of your bathroom. They can bring a new dimension to a room that feels stale, giving you the update that you have been looking for without having to do any major construction.

There are lots of great ways to inexpensively improve your bathroom. If you’re looking for clever DIY ideas, follow the six ways above to improve your bathroom. If you’re looking for professional help, check out some of the companies in your area, like MaxHome, that offer bathroom remodeling.