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Buying art collections – Top ten popular art websites

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Buying Art Collections

In February, we are obsessed with buying art collections. These are the websites that every collector should know. Contemporary and classic, established and emerging, and prices for all budgets. Prepare the card.

If today virtually everything can be sold and bought in three clicks, why not art? The problem is not so easy to answer because here, each person’s preferences at stake are more profound questions about the very nature of art and its somewhat tortuous relationship with the market. As in all areas, there are more reliable options than others when acquiring works of art online. Here is a selection of web pages covering a wide range of origins, typologies, periods, and prices, which means that there are nuances here.


Established in 2011 the portal specializes in buying and selling print artworks, fine art photography, paintings, sculptures, and more. Portal specialized in buying and selling art. There is everything, in the form of purchase with a price already set or at auction. One can get a piece by Damien Hirst for an astronomical cost, but there is also much more affordable graphic work. In any case, prices tend to be high due to the staff’s prior selection of their curators.


A kind of portal for collectors and art enthusiasts, with an interesting didactic approach that can be used by students and the curious in general. It includes exhibition news, collectors’ guides and market reports, and information on exhibitions from the world’s leading galleries for fans and art collectors.

mo-art gallery:

Don’t be fooled by this Dutch gallery’s somewhat outdated and unfriendly user interface because treasures are present, and it is very popular with good crawlers. She specializes in modern and contemporary art. Also, a selection of artists sell editions through their “spin-off”.

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Michelle Champetier:

Graphic work on paper by more than seven hundred 20th century artists. Again, a somewhat timid visual aspect hides authentic wonders of authors like Man Ray, Cocteau, or David Hockney.

The Fresh Gallery:

Since Topacio Fresh is a woman who is up to date, and on her gallery’s website, she maintains a specific section to sell the work of her artists online, at list prices. Well-known names – come on, part of the usual petit committee – such as Juan Gatti, Gorka Postigo, Alberto de las Heras, Rubenimichi, and Alaska Mario.

Gunter Gallery:

Budding and young artists, mostly Spanish (Andrés Jaque, Santiago Morilla, or Aitor Saraiba, among them). But there is also serigraphy by Javier Mariscal available, for example.

Atelier des Jeunes:

Structured based on a system of successive editions that add artists to the catalog. Graphic work by young Spanish artists, for the most part, for 150 euros a limited edition piece. A business model very in line with the times.

Saatchi Art:

Situated in Los Angeles, this independent and digital gallery (nothing to do with its London eponymous) has in its vast catalog 500,000 original works by more than 50,000 budding artists from more than 100 different countries. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photography that redefine the experience of buying and selling art, with free expert advice. A priceless experience: the price range embraces all pockets.

Goya Auctions:

These days, most auction houses allow participants in bids through convenient forms sent online or by fax. We chose this one because of its geographic proximity and because of the exquisite work of its appraisers. Diving into its auctions, getting hold of a French 18th-century engraving or a Spanish in formalist canvas is possible.


It’s a website created by Stephanie Harig and Marc Ullrich, themselves art collectors. A tailor-made portal for the new collector in the intermediate price range. Nan Goldin, José Manuel Ballester, and also contemporary artists. They also publish a magazine every six months, reporting additions to the online collection.

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