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Tweezer write for usTweezers Write For Us :Tweezers are small tools used to pick up objects that are too small for human fingers to pick up. Since the dawn of recorded history, tongs, pincers, or scissors-like pliers have been used to grab or hold hot objects. They are commonly referred to as forceps in scientific and medical settings.

Stamp collectors use tweezers (stamp tongs) to handle postage stamps that are large enough to pick up by hand but may be damaged if held; the jaws of stamp tongs are smooth. Tweezers are commonly used for tasks such as plucking hair from the face or brows, and the term “brow tweezers” is often used. Tweezers are also commonly used to manipulate small objects, such as small electronic parts, especially surface-mount electronic parts, and small mechanical parts for models and precision mechanisms. Picking out flakes of gold in gold panning is an example of specialized use. In a process known as pin boning, tweezers are also used in kitchens to remove bones from fish fillets for food presentation.

Tweezers were reportedly used in predynastic Egypt. Egyptian artisans are depicted holding hot pots over ovens with a double-bow-shaped tool. From around 3000 BC, Asiatic tweezers, which were made up of two metal strips brazed together, were widely used in Mesopotamia and India, possibly for catching lice. Tweezers were manufactured in Kerma during the Bronze Age.

Tweezers Write For Us:The word tweezer comes from the word between, which refers to a small case that people carry small objects with them (such as toothpicks). Etwee comes from the French étui, which means “small case,” and is derived from the Old French verb estuier, which means “to hold or keep safe.” Because the tool was frequently found in these small carrying cases, the object became known as “tweezers” over time. The English language eventually accepted the word “tweeze” as a verb.

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