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The Crab and How It Relates to the Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Born in the middle of the summer season (between June 21st and July 21st), Cancers have unique and complicated personality traits. Anyone born under this zodiac sign or close to a Cancer knows the crab represents them perfectly. Cancers are typically hard on the outside, but softies inside, just like their marine counterparts. If you pay attention to the Cancer daily horoscope, you’ll probably notice that people of this zodiac sign are far more complex than their outer appearance. Although you may first notice the hard exoskeleton and see this Crab as somewhat standoffish, dig a little deeper. Then, you’re likely to find that it’s simply how Cancers protect their often overly sensitive emotions and vulnerability. How do you access a Crab’s soft side? Remain friendly, genuine and approachable to gain trust.

Water is the second heaviest element on Earth. However, ancient astrologers believed its fluidity to be highly adaptive while remaining in a tangible form. Cancer is also a water sign, meaning it’s ruled by the moon. Water is an intuitive element, suggesting that these Crabs are empathetic and good at understanding the needs of the people and other living beings around them. While Crabs can first appear tough and standoffish, you’ll find they are incredibly compassionate and loyal beings once you get to know them.

Are You a Cancer With a Big Change on the Way?

Cancer’s Crabs tend to love summer weather and all things related. They enjoy the long summer days of holding outdoor get-togethers with close family and friends, swimming in refreshing bodies of water, and feeling the sun’s warmth on their shoulders. Reading a Cancer horoscope tomorrow could show that this summer will bring energy and motivation to launch favorable, possibly even life-changing conditions. After all, when Crabs put their minds to something, all bets are off.

Protective of Their Loved Ones

Cancers, like crabs, can hold on tight. They are adept at grasping anything important to them with all their might, both literally and figuratively. Loved ones are essential to them. They even hold onto negative emotions, which in turn, regularly haunt them. Those pincers don’t let go of things easily. Consequently, they sometimes hurt unsuspecting people who don’t realize it’s just how Crabs shield themselves from perceived threats. Cancers are influenced significantly by their intuitions and feelings, often subconsciously. You may swear your Cancer friends are psychic because of their awareness of your feelings that you haven’t expressed. Because people born under this zodiac sign tend to be highly intuitive, these Crabs value comfort, security and predictability; they seek them out. Cancers desperately need safety and comfort in their lives to be content. This is why Crabs are sentimental homebodies that cherish good memories with family and friends yet always remember feelings of hurt and rejection.

Your crabby friends and family members may drain your energy at times. However, staying with them will be worth it for the love and loyalty they offer. Encourage friends of this zodiac sign to try psychic readings for Cancer to gain new insights on leading happier, healthier lives.

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