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Reasons Why PDFBear is the Number One Online File Managing Tool

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Our lives today revolve around computer tools. We rely on them more than we rely on actual people. This is because they are more efficient, cost less, easy to use, and on top of all of that, everyone has computer devices to use these tools. But the problem with that is that, because there are so many of these tools, it can be confusing, and not all are safe to use.

Online-based computer tools are among the most helpful computer tools because they do not require so much from the user. It doesn’t take up space on the device, not susceptible to malware attacks, and more. An example of a great web-based tool on the web today is PDFBear. With its powers in file managing, your tasks will be done effectively and efficiently.

File Conversion

There are numerous file formats to choose from depending on what the user is trying to accomplish. Some formats are good because they are small in terms of file size. Some are secured because of their ability to put encryption, while the others are easy to edit. Here are only some of the contributing factors why people decide to convert their files.

File conversion is such a complicated task, but with a proper tool and enough knowledge about converting, it can be effortless. PDFBear is one of the most popular web-based file converters. Because of its efficiency in converting various files from one format to another in just a few seconds without paying so much.

It can convert file formats from JPG, PNG, PPT, Excel, Docx to PDF, and vice versa. It is safe to say that it is the only thing you need to convert files. This is very helpful to save time because the user will not have to go from one converter to another.

Add Watermark

Plagiarism is one of the virtual world’s biggest problems; it is using someone’s work without giving them the proper credit. One of the possible causes of plagiarism is, most of the time, the identity of the person who made it is nowhere to be found in the file. With PDFBear, you will get all the credits that you deserve by using their add watermark feature.

This website offers multiple ways of attaching watermarks to your file; it can be in the form of an image, a text, or your very own signature. You also have many fonts, color, and size options when using text as your watermark. You have so many options to make your file more personalized so that people will know that you are the one who made the file.

PDF Security

Because of how advanced technology is today, everything can be done effortlessly, including accessing other people’s files and the data in them. That is why it is essential to equip our files with security features to protect your file and yourself. PDFBear is a great tool to do this. With this website, it is possible to encrypt your file with the best security feature.

Basic encryption is no match to hackers today because of how effective the programs and applications they are using, but with PDFBear’s 256-Bit encryption protocol, you will not have to worry about these hackers` skills hacking because no matter how skillful they are, they can’t crack it.

But if you wish to remove the encryption to your files because, for example, someone at work needs to have access to it, it is also possible with PDFBear; as long as you remember the password to your files, it is possible to remove them anytime using the website. PDFBear is indeed an all-in-one website for managing files.

PDF Repair

File corruption is also another problem with using computer devices. When a file is corrupted, it becomes damaged, and there is no way you can open it again and get the information in it. This can be very stressful, most especially when you have no backup of the file. There are various causes why things like this happen, but the most common cause is malware attacks.

Good thing PDFBear is always to the rescue. With this website, it is possible to retrieve your file and the data in it. But remember that this function can only be applied to PDF files. Other formats like PPT, JPG, PNG, Docx, and Excel are still not supported by this function.


No matter what type of computer tool you are planning to use, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. This is because these tools are not as perfect as we think they are; they are still human-made, so they are susceptible to errors. But luckily, problems with technology can also be fixed with another technological tool.

PDFBear is one of the best products of technology. It is our best weapon in facing the complicated task of managing multiple files. With its efficiency in converting, editing, securing, repairing files, and more, your problem with managing essential files will be over without doing so much and without spending so much money, storage device, and time.

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