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What Should Pillows Have To Rest Well?

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The pillows are a vital element and the perfect complement to rest. We rest our heads on it at bedtime, and it should be pick up ideally and adapt to our movements, just like the mattress.

If a pillow is too saggy, too low, too high, too little, or too stuffed, it can cause serious health problems. The cervicals are what suffers the most from the continued use of the wrong pillow.

It is vital to take into accounts  some factors before purchasing the best pillow for rest:

1. Features

For a pillow to be adequate for rest, it is essential to adapt to our head and ensure it corrects the alignment of the neck and spine. A natural position should be achiev without tension in the neck, no charge sinking, or forced parts.

The primary function of the pillows is to ensure an adequate posture of the spine in which the muscles are relaxed and favors the flow of air when breathing and good rests. The size of the pillows is also important since getting the best rest should not be too wide or too high.

2. Materials

The materials of which the pillow is composed or stuffed are also factors that we must consider when choosing a cushion to avoid dislikes. In the market, we will find different materials, and if we have doubts, it is always better to be advised by a specialist in rest, such as Morfeo. Although perhaps the litmus test is to try it, lie down with the pillow and see if it suits your needs. Among the manufacturing materials, we can finds:

  • Fiber pillows: they allow different heights, degrees of firmness and are usually easy to washing.
  • Latex: They adapt perfectly to the shapes and weight of the head. They are breathable only if the latex is naturals.
  • The viscoelastic ones: which combine novel materials allowing elasticity, adaptability and are breathable.

3. Maintenance conditions

The best pillow for rest is the one that guarantees the best adaptability and durability after continued use. It is accessible to cleans and does not require very complex maintenance, with quality materials that prevent the appearance of mites, mold, and humidity—ensuring the best quality of sleep to its occupants every day.

best pillow for rest

How to know if it is the best pillow for rest?

We do not always give the pillow the importance it deserves since we spend very little time choosing it. If a pillow does not suit our needs, it can affect the quality of sleep.

In addition to causing discomfort and problems in the cervicals over time.

In the same way, when we are going to choose a mattress. We must spend a few minutes reflecting and understanding our needs when sleeping.

When it comes to buying a pillow, we can find different materials, degrees of firmness, and heights. We must know what characteristics of the pad are those that adapt to our way of sleeping.

As with the best mattress for rest, the best pillow depends on the needs of each person when sleeping.

When you are going to choose a pillow, you have to find out which is the one that best suits your movements, your head, and posture. However, in Morfeo, we tell you the requirements that the best pillow for rest must have:

According to the posture we have when sleeping

One of the first things that we must consider when choosing the best pillow for our rest is the posture or position in which we sleep. The way we rest influences the choice of the pillow.

Although it is recommend to sleep on the side or in the fetal position. Each person has their jobs at bedtime.

Face up : If you tend to sleep on your back, it is best to have a pillow that is not too thick (medium thickness) to ensure that the back and neck form the same angle. For this, the channel must be raising slightly so as not to lose the body’s natural alignment. A foam-filled pillow can help support your neck and head although you sleep.

Sideways : Side sleepers need a thicker pillow. In this way, the neck will be kept on the axis of the spine.

Upside down : The ideal pillow for tummy sleepers has to be soft and flexible. When sleeping face down, the neck does not need height to maintain alignment with the back. This position is not the most recommended for rest since the channel is where the cervicals are the force.

Various postures : If you are one of the persons who do not stop moving during the night and do not have a precise posture when sleeping (they go through several during the rest time).

The best pillow is the one that allows flexibility that adapts to your movements during the night. Feather-filled pillows can be a good option by adjusting to all body positions.

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