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How To Still Have An Awesome Hiking Trip On A Rainy Day

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Rainy Day: Most of the time, hiking does not look glamorous (despite how glamorous it makes you feel). Your Instagram-worthy hiking pics are of those rare days when the sun is out, the clouds have parted, and your filters are on point. While you may not want to take a selfie against the backdrop of dreary woods, you can find ways to ensure that you still have a fantastic hiking trip when it’s raining out.

Once you’ve accounted for the weather, you can get back to enjoying your hike. If you’re new to hiking, you might even learn to appreciate the joys of hiking in the rain, like the sight of a raindrop still formed on a fallen leaf or misty fog above a hillside. You may even discover the eerie beauty these days and love the outdoors even more.

Yes, there will be mud and muck, and you’ll have to brace yourself against the wind, but raindrops, like teardrops, pass by and water the seeds for a new day. You can find beauty in rainy-day hikes if you remember to look (and to wear your waterproof jacket!) Continue reading for more insights on an awesome hiking trip on a rainy day.

Wear Waterproof Jackets And Hiking Shoes

You’ll enjoy your rainy-day hike more if you dress for the weather. Without intense sensations of cold rain and wetness getting you down, you can focus on the sights around you while staying dry and warm. Be sure to get a waterproof jacket to minimize the effects of rain, and invest in hiking shoes with drainage systems and rubber soles.

Look On The Bright Side Of Rainy Days

As long as you’re keeping warm in your waterproof jacket, there are many bright sides to enjoy on a rainy-day hike! Even though rainy days come along with overcast skies, when plants are watered, they come alive, and their rich, vibrant colors emerge. The rain also brings about a shimmer, giving you the sights of glistening water and rain-kissed flowers. You’ll even notice the vegetation and ecosystems, with rain capturing the smells of these aspects of nature.

Spot Nearby Wildlife

Wildlife is easier to spot when it’s raining. Hey, you might have some Insta-worthy pics after all! Ensure you’re wearing your waterproof jacket to stand still to snap pics without shivering!

Enjoy Peace And Quiet

On a rainy day, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the trails all to yourself. Enjoy this time for peace and quiet, and think of your rainy-day hike as a natural retreat among the trees. If you need some time to think or to cherish nature, head out on a rainy-day hike and embrace this time to yourself.

Get Ready For Rainy-day Hiking

Look, your waterproof jacket has your back, so as long as you’re warm and have the footwear to fight back slippery slopes, your rainy-day hike can be an epic adventure. Review the how-to’s above, and prepare for your rainy-day hiking trip.

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