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Five Summer Outfits to Keep You Cool and Confident

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Summer presents unique challenges for men’s fashion. It’s the most revealing time of year with the least amount of clothing to hide behind. If you want to look sizzling hot while staying cool as a cucumber, we’re here to help you find the best of both worlds!

We could just give you a list of different outfits to wear head-to-toe, but how boring is that? If you aren’t having some fun putting your very own look together, you’re doing it wrong. From golf polos to sunglasses, we’ll get you set up with a clothing combo of just five essentials that give you limitless choices for your summer fashion statement!

1. Polos

Thinking of a polo as just an upscale tee is doing a severe injustice to this perfect summer shirt. A mix of casual and class, you’ll see it everywhere from the golf course to the office.

You want your polo to be fitted, but not tight, and made of breathable fabrics. Cotton isn’t ideal, as it stays wet when you sweat through it. Polos that are made from bamboo fibers, on the other hand, both wick moisture away and dry quickly while you wear them.

Don’t be tempted to layer your polo with an undershirt; they’re not made for it. Avoid wearing two polos as well. This is where “less is more,” and understatement will carry you further than excess.

2. Shorts

It’s hard to imagine a summer outfit without shorts. A lot of guys tend to shy away from them, as though there’s a mysterious set of rules that can take you from “dapper” to “dork” in half a glance. A few basic hints can keep you turning heads for the right reasons.

If you’re a fit guy, go for tailored shorts. You should be able to move comfortably without them being disproportionately baggy. If you’re a skinny guy, the advice is similar: wear slim shorts. If you have a dad bod, straight-legged shorts that are slightly wider will help balance out your build.

Shorts are, without a doubt, among the most casual clothes you can wear. Keep that in mind when deciding where to wear them! Is it an informal setting? Wear those shorts. Is it business or work? Think twice… But we’ll get to that in the next section.

Oh, and shorts that go below the knee are a universal no-no.

3. Chinos

These former military trousers have become the perfect summer choice when shorts are just a bit too casual. They’re so versatile they can be worn with almost any shirt or shoe and complement almost any style you can think of.

Just as with shorts, your build should help determine your chino choice. The cut is also important as that will affect what kind of look you can achieve with them.

For a more formal look, straight-fit chinos are right at home, especially for a larger build. Tighter chinos are more casual and can create greater definition but can be less comfortable. There’s a lot of room for experimentation to send just the right message. For summertime versatility, chinos are second-to-none.

4. Shoes

The ideal summer shoe is designed for warm-weather wear in both style and materials. The qualities that make them comfortable and breathable also make them trend towards casual by default.

Slip-on shoes are a universally popular choice for summer wear. They have a low profile to provide great airflow around the feet and can be taken off at a moment’s notice. Loafers are among the only slip-on shoes that are frequently worn with socks, making them suitable for more formal settings.

Summer shoes tend to be lighter in color. Materials range from natural favorites like leather and cotton canvas to modern synthetic fabrics. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking materials are king here.

5. Sunglasses

Nothing says “summer” like the right pair of sunglasses! Unless you’re into sports, casual sunglasses are probably all you’ll need. Not only do they keep you from squinting all summer long, but can also filter out harmful UV rays.

Oversized or wrap-around lenses will help cut down the amount of light getting through while making a bold fashion statement. Polarized lenses will help cut down on reflecting glare which is helpful for things like driving. Colored lenses can provide different kinds of visual contrast and can also be a stylistic choice. Regardless of lens color or tint, get ones with 100% UV protection to be safest.

As a fashion accessory, choose sunglasses that complement the shape of your face. For example, if you have an angular face, rounded lenses can balance it out. If you have a round face, opt for more angular lenses.

Time to Take Five!

It’s easy to create the perfect summer outfit just for you by following these simple fashion tips. Now you can venture out in both comfort and style this summer!

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