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Hair Loss – benefits of fish oil for hair loss problem

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem that people often encounter as they age. It means that hair loss is a sign of aging that is inevitable in most cases. However, aging is not the only cause, as it can also appear for other reasons, especially for those who suffer from hair loss at a relatively young age.

These factors include hereditary and genetic factors, poor hair care, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive use of synthetic products, the effect of post-surgery or fatal disease and the child, etc. Hair loss is undoubtedly different from hair loss because hair loss is a problem where hair could grow back in a relatively short time, but hair loss means that it no longer grows—some extreme care.

Anyway, if you are suffering from hair loss now, you have to know that many people worldwide do the same if they are both men and women. Don’t worry then because there are many things you can still do to avoid baldness or short hair on your head. Proper physical exercise and consuming foods can stimulate hair growth and replace the hair loss you suffer.

If you have no idea what to consume for this kind of purpose, you could keep reading this article because it would give you a broader understanding of an essence that is widely trusted to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

That essence is called fish oil. You probably know and can imagine what fish oil appears. Or you probably saw the product on the market when you went shopping. Well, it’s fair to say that fish oil is easily found in our environment, although information on its role, particularly in stimulating hair growth, is not yet widely known.

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Fish oil

That fish or other sea creatures offer many treasures to humans. Fish is a type of marine animal that we could easily find every day.

Some of us also know that fish contains several useful essences, one of which is animal protein. Another element is good nutrition called omega 3. Omega 3 supports hair growth, so what we require from fish oil is its omega 3 essence.

Knowing this information, you are probably wondering if you could meet your omega 3 needs by consuming other types of foods. Well, you can, but the scent or the volume wouldn’t be as great as what the fish offers. Therefore, it is still strongly recommended that you choose to consume fish oil over other types of omega 3 foods.

However, please don’t imagine that you would have to go through taking fish oil directly from raw fish because it would take time, energy, and even particular skill. Fish oil products are available everywhere so that you could buy and consume them.

Generally, you will find the product in capsule form that some are too large to swallow. If you can’t swallow it, you may have to find a smaller capsule or eat the fish immediately. Remember that omega 3 rich fish oil is generally present in some types of sardines, salmon, and anchovies.