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Why Younique Collagen Is The Secret To Healthy Skin

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Healthy Skin: The secret to youthful skin is closer than you think. We’re all looking for the elixir of youth. A miracle serum that will tackle wrinkles and keep our skin looking glowing and youthful for longer. Keep your skin youthful starts with your collagen. This protein is what supports our skin as a building block. As we age, we start to lose our collagen. Without it, our skin starts to sag, and wrinkles begin to appear.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for anti-aging products. Reading an ingredients list might transport you back to your high-school chemistry class. The secret to healthy skin is keeping it simple. Whatever your skincare concerns are, collagen is usually the answer.

At Younique, the DAILY·YOU liquid collagen shot is the easiest way to boost your body’s collagen production. You can sip smart and glow strong. Here’s sharing everything you need to know about collagen – the role it plays in keeping your skin healthy and why we lose collagen as we age.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that helps your body form its cells and tissues. It’s packed full of amino acids – a component you’ll see in most skincare products. Although there are 28 different types of collagens, type 1 is what makes up 90% of our body’s collagen.

It works to support your skin, bones, and hair by acting as a building block for its tissue. Collagen works with elastin to help our skin tissue repair, staying tight and plump. Our body produces collagen and absorbs it through food like chicken.

The Benefits Of Collagen For Your Skin And Body

Your skin deserves only the best. That’s collagen.

It’s backed by hundreds of research projects and case studies that show that collagen is a protein your skin needs to stay healthy. It does everything from keeping it hydrated to strengthening it.

Without collagen, our skin starts to become dry. Case studies have found that taking up to 10grams of collagen a day can boost your skin’s hydration and elasticity.

When your skin is rich in collagen, it’s at its healthiest. It’s able to bounce back from oxidative stress and recover from acne and breakout. Collagen makes your skin feel bouncier and fuller, giving you that look of plump and supple skin. When your skin has the collagen it needs, it’s also able to maintain its moisture balance. Your skin is less likely to become hydrated and the texture is smooth to the touch.

The benefit of Younique collagen is that it brightens your complexion to create a radiant and dewy glow. When your skin is supple and smoother, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin is rich in collagen, it helps to strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier against free radical damage and UV radiation.

It’s not just your skin that benefits from collagen. This protein is essential for the health and strength of your nails and hair. As we get older, both become brittle, making them shorter. Collagen strengthens your hair and nails, making them more resilient while maintaining their natural shine. If you’re struggling to get your hair to grow, a collagen supplement may be the answer you’re looking for.

As collagen helps to repair skin tissue, it’s commonly used as a treatment for burns and wounds to speed up the healing process. It’s more than just a skincare component – collagen is essential for your overall wellness. If you suffer from joint paint, a collagen supplement can help support your joints and reduce inflammation.

What Happens When Your Skin Stops Producing Collagen?

Our skin’s connective tissue maintains our collagen levels, but as we get older, our collagen production starts to slow. Without collagen, our skin begins to show the classic signs of aging – including fine lines and wrinkles. It’s part of the natural aging process, and it’s why our bones become brittle as we age.

While declining collagen production is normal, certain parts of our lifestyle can accelerate it. A high-sugar diet or drinking can reduce your collagen production and cause premature aging. Spending too much time in the sun without SPF can also make existing collagen break.

Although collagen loss is a natural part of aging, you can slow down or accelerate the process. You can boost your body’s collagen by taking a daily supplement or incorporating collagen-rich food into your diet, such as seafood.

What makes collagen supplements so popular is that they’re the easiest for your body to absorb all the nutrients within the collagen itself. When you take a collagen supplement, it also helps to boost your body’s natural production for double the benefits.

How To Boost Your Skin’s Collagen Levels

One of the best ways to boost your skin’s collagen levels is with a daily supplement. At Younique, they strive to make skincare as simple as possible. Their mission is to empower women and help them build their self-esteem with products that unlock their inner radiance.

Younique’s newest product is liquid collagen – the best way to support your skin’s daily health. Incorporating collagen shots into your daily routine is easier than you think. Their peach flavor makes them the perfect addition to a glass of water. It’s the morning wake-up call that your skin needs.

This daily supplement is scientifically formulated with marine collagen that helps you glow from the inside out. They use marine collagen as it’s closer to your body’s natural collagen, making it easier for you to absorb – all while being more environmentally friendly.

You’ll start seeing results within just a few weeks of taking your marine collagen supplement every day. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for your skin and boosts your overall wellness.

Say hello to a brighter complexion, softer skin, and a smoother texture. The DAILY·YOU liquid collagen supplement increases your body’s collagen density to prevent premature aging. Drink the sachet straight from the pouch or mix it as a skin-loving mocktail. Daily shot your way to healthy, glowing skin.


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