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Wall Accents Write For Us: An accent wall (or feature wall) is an interior wall that is not the same as the other walls in the room. The colour of the accent wall can be a different shade from the colour of the other walls, or it can have a different design in terms of colour and material.

Accent walls are still famous in the decorating industry. Because of their versatility, these stylish and straightforward colour accents will always be popular. You have an infinite number of paint colours to choose from for your accent wall, as well as other surfaces and materials. Even the placement of your accent wall is entirely subjective. Because your home is one-of-a-kind, your accent wall should be as well. Accent walls can be used in any room if you understand the dos and don’ts.

Accent walls are typically used to break up the pattern created by the other walls, mainly if the walls are painted in a single flat tone. However, a room can be wallpapered with an untextured and undecorated accent wall with the same purpose. The purpose of this can be purely aesthetic, or it can be used to highlight or frame a decorative element, such as a painting. Feature walls serve as a blank canvas for experimenting with a colour or design on a smaller scale than you would never consider on a larger one. Looking for a way to add a wow factor to a room instantly? Feature walls are a low-cost, high-impact method to give any space in your house a facelift. Use dark colours to add depth.

Wall Accents Write For Us: When it comes to your new accent wall, think beyond the box. You are not restricted to using plain wall paint to cover the entire wall. Consider various techniques to apply paint colour. Your accent wall could be ideal for stripes or a unique paint finish. Metallics make a strong stylistic statement for a feature wall.

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