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The Top 5 New Spring Trends

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Spring Trends – Counting the number of trends for spring 2020 can be a long and arduous task than it seems: breaking down little by little the significant trends that will move the industry in the coming months means handling a vast amount of information and details not.

It does not always have a practical nuance (although it depends on who faces the exercise), as explained by María José Pérez Méndez, fashion editor of this header, in the kit we need to start the season.

However, five of the prescribers who know the most about fashion have given us five trends that seem to summarize everything to come ideally. Easy, simple, and for (almost) all tastes. Grab a paper, pencil and get ready to write down:

1. The Mary-janes

Topping this list are the ‘Mary-Jane’ shoes. A model that we are already beginning to see in the 2019/2020 fall-winter season and that now detaches itself from the stockings to become the best ally of our favorite jeans.

2. Vest

The vests are another trend that has been slowly gaining street style. And it seems that this spring we will see them everywhere.

Our favorite stores already have them in all colors and shapes. However the Ganni with jewel buttons is the one that manages to raise the ante to give our looks a plus of sophistication.

3. The special collars

Although this look from the Parisian stylist has many trends that deserve a little mention (special attention to heeled sandals with sports socks ). Géraldine Boublil has been one of the many prescribers who has opted for this Miu Miu blouse.

And it is that the collars become the most striking part of the garments this spring: silly or seventies, you choose.

4. The fringed bag

After the obsession with fringed jackets and cowboy boots. The rise of the western aesthetic evolves and results in what is present as the quintessential accessory for spring-summer 2020: the fringed bag.

Mayte Salido, fashion and current editor of this headboard. Already warned us, this accessory has been going strong from the hand of firms such as Balenciaga or Celine. Directly to bring a boho touch to classic designs and with the ability to create different and unique accessories just like Prada bags does.

5. The houndstooth print

If there is a pattern that never goes out of style, it is houndstooth. Its classic and timeless design makes our wardrobe stain season after season (to a greater or lesser extent). Although this year is one of those in which ESSENTIAL wears a garment with this print to succeed—ear cooking.

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