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The most expensive homes ever sold in Brighton

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Brighton: Have you ever wondered about how the other half live? For those individuals lucky enough to have a few million lying around, there is plenty of potential when it comes to buying a house. Indeed, some of the finest homes in Brighton come with absolutely staggering price tags – and today, we’ll be taking a look at some of these ultra-expensive properties to learn more about the most expensive homes ever sold in Brighton!

The Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold in Brighton

In every community, there’ll be a range in terms of the price tags you’d expect to see on properties. That much is natural and to be expected. However, for a small number of properties, these price tags can go absolutely through the roof – and today, we will be taking a look at some of these ultra-expensive homes to help you learn about some of the most expensive homes that people have sold in Brighton!

#1 26 Lewes Crescent, Kemp Town

In the first position on this list of the most expensive homes ever sold in and around Brighton is 26 Lewes Crescent in Kemp Town. A seemingly generic property on the outside, this home is actually located in one of Brighton’s most exclusive regions, and is a grade 1 property just a stone’s throw from the Brighton beach. It features six bedrooms across five levels, and the stunning regency styles throughout the property certainly add to its charm and sophistication. However, it’s fair to say that the real highlights of this property have to be its cinema room and walled garden – which likely contributed to its price tag of $3.4 million when it sold in June 2016.

#2 25 Roedean Crescent

While the previous choice on our list might not have looked as inspiring from the outside compared to its neighbours, Roedean Crescent most certainly does. This incredible, contemporary property features a stunning staircase to the main entrance hall and was sold in 2017.

It has five bedrooms, and its massive price tag are likely the result of the back garden’s heated swimming pool, entertaining terrace, and helipad (no, that’s not a typo – this property is equipped for your own private helicopter). Certainly, this is not one to scoff at if it’s the finer things in life that you’re looking for! However, with a price tag of £3.35 million, you’d likely need to be the next Lottoalnd millionaire to be able to afford a property like this.

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#3 15 Withdean Road

Coming in at third on our list of the most expensive Brighton properties ever is 15 Withdean Road, which is a massive nine bedroom property located in one of the most exclusive regions of Brighton. The home features numerous high-class options, such as its very own cinema room, glazed atrium, an indoor swimming pool, and an expansive private driveway.

With a price tag of £3.15 million and with so many incredible features on offer, it’s fair to say that this property is almost the “affordable” option for fine-living compared to the price tags of the previous two, which seem to offer far less for the money. All the same, it’s still fair to say that this is very much outside of most of our budgets!

#4 1 Lewes Crescent

At fourth on our list, we have 1 Lewes Crescent, which sold for almost £2.86 million back in 2013. The property is a stunning 1820s home, and features all of the class and sophistication you would expect from a fine living property of this era. Some of the features the property offers include a grand staircase and numerous expansive fireplaces, as well as five bedrooms with some of the most incredible views to be seen anywhere out over the channel. The property also features its own stunning private walled garden.

For the final choice on our list, we have Zalida, 12, Roedean Way. Roedean Way is well-known for its expensive homes, of course, and this property – with its stunning views and colonial grandeur design – absolutely offers on what you might want if you have just won the lottery with Lottoland and were looking for a stunning new place to call your own. The property sold last for £2.85 million.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of the properties that we have listed as some of the most expensive properties in Brighton? Would you dream of moving to a property like these, or would you prefer something a little more quaint if you have the option? After all, while it’s unlikely, you can afford it if you win the lottery too with a provider such as Lottoland – and it’s safe to say that a stunning new property is often one of the first things that lottery winners choose to splash their cash on!

So, let us know in the comments section below what you think of these top picks for the most expensive properties in Brighton, and what you would choose to spend your cash on if you won millions with Lottoland!

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