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The Important of Facial Hygiene

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Facial hygiene should be a fundamental habit for your Skin’s care, not only for aesthetics but because it helps moisturize and cleanse your face. The Skin is continually expose to changes in weather, the sun, makeup, etc. So daily care and hygiene are necessary to keep it radiant.

It is advisable to perform a facial cleansing frequently and consistently. In this way, you can check its results and benefits.

Facial hygiene manages to eliminate dead cells located in the most superficial layer of the Skin. Several external contaminating factors act, getting the pores to clog and the Skin to obtain hydration and oxygen. The realization of proper facial hygiene will make your cosmetic treatments even more effective.

Facial Cleansing is an Essential Beauty Treatment to keep your Skin Pretty and Health.

Although facial hygiene is so recommending, it must be do with care and knowledge to combine different types of products depending on each kind of Skin and turn this action into a habit within our daily care that, apart from keeping the dermis clean, take care of her health.

Facial Hygiene on Oily Skin

Proper Cleansing of the face is essential for the proliferation of bacteria and excess sebum that clogs the pores, so it is advisable to do it both in the morning and at night before going to sleep. The products used for the care of facial hygiene in oily Skin must be very soft. In this way, we will avoid the so-called rebound effect from happening. It is preferable to use deep cleansing products that also purify the Skin and provide toning.

Facial Hygiene on Dry Skin

For this type of Skin, it is vital to take care of the outer layer by maintaining hydration of around 10% to 15%. For this facial Cleansing, it is recommending to use creams and oils together with alcohol-free toners.

Facial Hygiene on Mixed Skin

For this type of Skin, as beauty treatments, it is recommended to use specific products that balance the cleaning in each area of ​​the face. Likewise, the use of directly manufactured treatments for facial hygiene in this type of Skin is also recommending.

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Facial Hygiene on Sensitive Skin

Very gentle care should be take when cleaning the face in this type of Skin since they are intolerant to many cosmetics in general. It is advisable to use hypoallergenic products and without any aroma. This type of Skin can be damage if we perform very aggressive facial hygiene or use products that are not specific.

Performing a daily facial cleansing is essential to have a perfect face, prevent the signs of aging, and restore light to dull Skin. Maintaining a daily routine can be a complicated challenge, but you will end up noticing and appreciating its benefits.

Cleanser and makeup remover

It is the first step and perhaps the most important before going to sleep. Whether you have applied makeup or you should not clean your face. The needs are different if you get to be with your face washed with soft makeup or have gone out at night and you strived with the “smoky eye.”

It would help if you chose a makeup remover suitable for what you need and for your skin type. Try to avoid common mistakes. For example, the wipes are only for emergencies, do not use natural soap, do not mistreat the eye area. For eyes and lips, there are specific makeup removers with excellent results.

Nor will you achieve a complete cleaning with the famous micellar water; many cosmetic experts advise cleansing milk or gels as the best product.

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