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India, a Perfect Destination for Disc Replacement Surgery

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AndHow does the Spine Work?

Before we get into disc replacement, we need to understand how the human spine works. The spinal cord is made up of small individual bones known as the vertebrae. Between these vertebrae are discs that provide cushioning to the vertebrae allowing them to rotate and prevent them from rubbing against each other.

What is a Disc Replacement?

When one or more of the discs is damaged or herniated it will cause pain. The process of removing this damaged disc and replacing it with an artificial disc is known as disc replacement therapy. This artificial disc is often made of metal or an amalgam of metal and plastic.

When is Disc Replacement required?

Disc replacement is required to treat back pain but before you get to the conclusion, visit your doctor. Based on their analysis, you will be prescribed a further course of action. But some common signs you might need disc replacement surgery is when:

  1. A specific region of your spine is the reason behind your back pain, then it could be a sign.
  2. There is no sign of joint disease or significant nerve compression.
  3. There are no signs of obesity or being overweight.
  4. And There has been no spinal injury in the past.
  5. No signs of any spinal deformity such as scoliosis.

What are the Risks involved in Disc replacement?

A disc replacement surgery requires more access to the spine than other surgical procedures. This brings with it a few risks.

  1. Post-surgery, there are chances of infection around the artificial disc area.
  2. Despite replacement, there are chances of dislocation of the replaced artificial disc.
  3. Not just dislocation, failure, or fracture of the implant is also possible.
  4. The replaced artificial disc can also cause rigidity of the spinal cord.
  5. Due to decreased activity after the surgery, there is always a possibility of blood clots in the legs.

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Which preferred destination should one choose for Disc Replacement?

Disc replacement is an orthopedic procedure and requires skilled and trained medical professionals to overlook the entire process pre and post-surgery. Because of this reason and the fact that India is slowly becoming one of the most preferred medical destinations, it is the perfect fit for a disc replacement surgery.

Disc replacement in India not only offers all the modern-day facilities but is also comparatively cheaper than other developed nations. This makes artificial disc replacement in India a preferred option for people from countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Oman, Maldives, and Iraq.

Getting a disc replacement surgery done in India costs about 30% of other developed nations like the USA. It starts at USD 6500 whereas the cost can go up to USD 18000 in the USA. Some renowned hospitals offering the best treatment include Narayana Hrudayalaya- Bangalore, BLK super specialty hospital, Columbia Asia hospital, Fortis hospital, and Star hospital.

So if you are someone who is looking for the perfect destination to get a disc replacement surgery done, India should be on the top of that list.

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