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House Keeping Write For Us: house keeping can be defined as “providing a clean, comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.” According to another definition, “the cleaning service is an operational department in a hotel responsible for cleaning, maintenance, aesthetic care of the rooms, public areas, rear areas, and surroundings.”

The term house keeping outside of the hospitality industry, hospitals refers to the management of the day-to-day tasks and duties related to the running of the house, such as These regular daily chores can be performed by any member of the household or by other individuals such as butlers or servants employed for the purpose.

The hotel’s cleaning department ensures the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetics of all rooms and public areas. The house keeping department makes changes (preparation and cleaning of the rooms) on time and cleans and maintains everything in the hotel to make the property as fresh and attractive as it was on the day the business opened.

The effort that house keeping puts into providing a guest with a desirable room directly impacts the guest’s experience in a hotel. More people work in the cleaning department than in any other department in the hotel.

As we are responsible for the timely renovation of the rooms, the primary communication of the maids is connected to the reception/reception team. The status of each room is updated regularly, from room cleaning to reception and vice versa. With new technologies available, room status can be updated via hotel software, telephone systems, mobile cleaning apps, etc.

House Keeping Write For Us: Cleaning is also closely coordinated with the maintenance or technical department. The cleaning staff recognizes various maintenance problems while cleaning the rooms and reporting them to the maintenance team for rectification or replacement. Examples of difficulties or problems with television, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, lighting, power failure, furniture, toilet, vanity, bathtub, towel rail, ventilation problems, etc.

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