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Guide to Understanding Scent Styles

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Scent Styles: Perfumes have continued to puzzle people for several centuries. First and foremost, the same perfume can smell differently when applied by different people. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to perfume scents and notes and this article will attempt to help you choose the right scent and note for you.

Base Notes versus Top Notes

You can identify the perfume notes depending on the effects it has on your skin. There is a reason perfume is applied to certain parts of your body and not in others. Places with pulses help to activate the notes in perfumes and that’s why you put perfume on your wrists and neck.

The top note is usually the first not that hits you and this is the scent that is universal to all users. The second note is the heart note and it usually kicks in after 10 minutes after application. The base note tends to stay a lot longer than the top notes, and this accounts for why a perfume may shift scents on your body throughout the day but end up smelling the same by the end of the day.

Woody and musky scents make up the base notes, and these are heavier and have greater definitions, whereas the lighter notes such as the fruity and floral notes make up the top notes, and they can be fleeting and in some instances barely perceptible.

Factor in the Weather When Choosing Perfume

As the weather changes, you will notice that your perfume preference will also change. You tend to smell better if you shift your choice of scent based on the weather. For summer, you need something carefree and packed with adventure. A floral scent goes well with the weather and you can top it off with a demure roll on to handle the sweat.

Autumn will come with its own feels and moods and since it need a bit of reflection and meditation, you can choose something that will add that immersive feeling. For men, something dark and mysterious will work wonders.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Perfume For You

For people with bold personalities, the most important scent to consider is something with some spicy notes. Trying some vanilla, spice or amber will work wonders for you, and help enhance that irresistible appeal.

You can get ahead with some green tangerine or orange notes, if you are hyperactive and constantly on the move. In fact, any citrus notes will get the job done to make you feeling refreshed and keep the musk away.

In essence, choosing the right perfume for women is more about what you want and how you expect other people to perceive you. You want to be confident and stand out, without being overbearing, and therefore, choosing something that goes well with the weather, your personality and your mood will greater add to your overall look. There is a reason you are drawn to certain scents and your should definitely trust your instincts especially when it comes to your sense of smell and style!.


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