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Green Tea Write For Us: Many tea novices are surprised to learn that green tea and black tea come from the same plant species: Camellia sinensis.In the end, different types of tea plants and tea leaves are processed, for example, how green tea becomes “green” and black tea “black.”

The Camellia sinensis tea plant, from which we drink tea, has two different recipes. It is a small-leaved variety from China that is widely used to make green and white tea. It grows as a shrub that grows in sunny areas with dry and cold climates. It is very frost tolerant and thrives in mountain areas.

A large variety of leaves was first found in the Indian district of Assam and is widely used to make strong black tea. Its leaves grow large in hot and humid climates and are very productive in subtropical forests. These Camellia sinensis plant species include hundreds of cultivated and hybrid plants that have evolved. But technically, any Camellia sinensis can make any type of tea from the leaves of the plant.

Green tea is made by harvesting tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, quickly heating them in a pan or steaming them, and drying them without much oxidation. Turns the green leaves brown and changes the flavor of the freshly picked ones.

Prepared green tea is usually green, yellow, or beige, and its flavor profile is similar to that of the herbal and vegetative ones of roasted (fried), sweet, and seaweed (steamed). Well covered, it withstands a variety of harsh conditions and reduces the appearance of bumps on the skin.

Green tea originated in Yunnan Province, China. Camellia sinensis is believed to be the native habitat of plant species in Yunan Province. Yunnan has 260 of the more than 380 types of green tea in the world. The word “tea” in China only refers to green tea, which is not as common as in Western countries.

Green Tea Write For Us: Not all green teas taste the same, even though they belong to the same type of plant. It depends on the processing method used by the tea farmers and the cultivation methods used by them. Do the leaves stay whole, or are they cut into small pieces? What time of year is tea made?

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