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Don’t lose your style in summer – clothes to avoid during summer

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Don’t lose your style in summer

We spend practically the whole year waiting for summer to arrive because this is synonymous with vacations, disconnecting, traveling, enjoying the longest day. It means that sometimes, we neglect our way of dressing a bit at this time of year. And absolutely nothing happens when we are on vacation, but we have to take care of our style when we are still working. Today I bring you some clothes to avoid if you don’t want to lose your style in summer.

Items to avoid:

Crocs or Hawaiian shoes.

If this type of clogs or flip flops stands out for something, it is for their comfort. They are ideal to go home or to the beach, but they are not the best option to go to the office. They are loud to walk, are made of plastic, and detract from any look you can wear.


It is without any doubt the star garment of the last three summers. No one does not have shorts in his closet. Although they are cool, they are not the best option to go to the office since when you sit down, they climb up and become uncomfortable.

Don’t wear strapless tops.

Although it is no longer so fashionable, this piece is hazardous to the office since it is very open. If it is not your size, you can spend the day pulling it up to avoid showing your underwear.

style tank tops.

They are those you use to go to the gym and that the back is like swimming trunks. They are also not the best option to go to work and, even less if you do not wear lingerie in the same way, like the back of the shirt.

Crop-top – avoid this style

Showing your belly button is back in fashion, and while it seems like this trend is here to stay, you don’t need to practice it when you go to work.

Tight dresses not in-style

Opting for tight-fitting garments in summer is not a very good option. Think that they will make you sweat more, and possibly the dreaded sweat stains appear.

Ripped jeans not advisable in summer.

Unless you work in a creative sector where this type of clothing is well dressed, it is better to wear ripped jeans when you leave the office, and you are ready to enjoy your free hours.

As you can see, they are garments that you may have in your closet because they stand out for their comfort, and they get us out of more than one hurry when we go to the beach or when we are relaxing at home. These types of pieces are sufficient to have, but you should be very aware when you should or not wear them as they can give you a careless or carefree look if you wear them to work. Take note of the clothes to avoid in summer and remember that age can also be another argument to discard according to what clothes.

Don’t lose your style – try these clothes

So if this summer you want to go stylish and fresh, these are the best clothes you can wear:

* Skirts, either more or less short. Midi is a good option today since it is a trend.

* Wide, high-waist pants, also called Palazzo. Choose fabrics like viscose or linen.

* Flowy blouses with or without sleeves. It will stop them from sticking to the body.

* Flowing dresses with floral or plain prints. White, like every season, is the perfect ally for this time of year.

Nobody said that dressing in summer was more comfortable than doing it in winter, right? From now on, you will indeed pay more attention to those clothes to avoid, and which ones to enhance in your wardrobe, so you never lose your style.

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