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8 things to consider before Buying a Shaving Machine

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Recently, many types of men’s shavers have spread. The specifications of these machines vary according to the model and price, as well as the function for which they were made, their suitability for the skin type, and many other characteristics. However, there are a set of basic rules that you must consider to choose the right shaver, regardless of its type, brand, or the purpose for which it was made.

Here are some of the features that will help you choose the best shaver that suits your needs such as Philips, Andis, and many more!


Not all shavers can resist water, so you have to make sure that you can use them in wet or dry shaving, i.e. with or without water. If you want to use them while showering, you should know that some shaving machines can be submerged in water to a depth of three meters.

2-Cleaning liquid 

You have to take into account that the product box contains a liquid to clean the machine and eliminate bacteria. This liquid can fight bacteria to a greater degree than water. Be careful, this feature may prevent you from many diseases.

3-Choose the right size and shape

Usually, the machine should be of medium size, to be able to hold it firmly and not hinder the shaving process. This feature depends on the way you use the shaver and its purpose.

4-Pay attention to the heads

The shaver you choose must have some multifunctional heads to get the degree of shaving that suits you, knowing that the movements of the heads should not be less than five directions, to ensure effective performance.


Modern shavers have separate parts that you install when needed, capable of shaving excess hair in the nose and between the eyebrows, so the machine must be accompanied by heads with blades dedicated to shaving your excess hair in these areas. Be aware of the presence of these tools when buying if you are interested in them.

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6-Vibrations Rate

Pay attention to the specifications written on the box of the machine, especially the number of vibrations that must be large to ensure its optimal performance. As the number of vibrations in the latest machines has reached fourteen thousand vibrations per pass, so do not buy the machine without reading the accompanying manual. You should know that the number of vibrations must be at least ten thousand vibrations per pass for good performance. Make sure your machine is capable of that!

7-Recharging Speed

We mean the speed of recharging the battery, as five minutes of charging should be enough to use the machine for one shave. For example, modern machines give you a full charge in one hour.

8-Machine box and holder

It must be taken into account that the razor is lightweight, easy to carry, with its oil, a box to put it inside, and a hanger to hang it in the bathroom or next to the mirror.

Try to take into account the previous points when choosing the right shaver. Compare the price and features and link them to your budget to be able to choose the right one for you.

Remember you may not find all of these features in one shaver, but it is necessary to know these characteristics 

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