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8 Items Your Friends Secretly Want for Their Birthday

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Friends tend to get a little bossy when it comes to their birthday, wanting to celebrate not just the day but sometimes their entire birthday month! Usually, good friends are all too happy to oblige, because birthdays are an ideal way to honor and cherish this person whom you hold so dear.  However, it can be difficult to decide what to get for them on their special day. What will they like? What should you avoid altogether? What’s within your budget?

Below is a curated and thoughtful list of the items your friends may want for their birthday but may not ask for.

  • “Touch” itemsHave you ever thought about someone and in the next minute your phone is chiming because they’re texting or calling you? Touch bracelets and touch lamps take this phenomenon to the next level. When you touch the touch lamp or the bracelet, it will light up and/or vibrate. It’s a way to tell the other person that you’re thinking of them, that you love them, and miss them. Keep in mind that these are two unique items which are sold separately, but the beautiful spirit of friendship they invoke is the same.
  • Birthstone Wishing Ball It’s not scientifically proven that writing down a wish will make it come true, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! The birthstone wishing ball is a colored sphere that comes with slips of paper to write wishes, goals, and daydreams on. One slip is provided for every week. At year’s end, the ball will be filled with the birthday girl or boy’s goals and dreams, at which time, they can pull them out and reflect on them for pleasure and enlightenment.
  • Visa Gift Card It’s like using your one wish to get more wishes! A Visa gift card can get you virtually anything you like. Now, you don’t have to settle for the boring old gift cards, you can upload a photo of you and your friend celebrating a past birthday together, or captured moments from a fun vacation image, anything that embodies the essence of your connection. You can even choose to include text, or a “Happy Birthday,” or an “It’s Never too Late to Start Dreaming” quote, will certainly make their day. Plus, it’s virtually instantaneous as you can purchase and deliver this gift card via online, text or email.
  • Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer – There just isn’t anything cooler to get your gadget– loving friend than this levitating speaker with subwoofer. It’s a treat for nearly all the senses. It’s a Bluetooth speaker, offering stereo sound. The best part about it is that it is crazy fun to use. Let’s face it, anything that levitates is fascinating. That’s why everyone gathers around magician David Blaine when he does his street magic.
  • Any of the DNA Kits Choose from one of the many companies offering this kit. In addition to finding out where the roots of your friend’s family tree grow, many companies also offer the option to discover health information, the likelihood of personal traits, and perhaps best of all, the kit can put your friend in touch with first, second, and third cousins they never knew they had in their life.
  • A Homemade ScrapbookWhether you make it online; hey, it’s still homemade if you upload your own pictures and write your own text or create a physical scrapbook which they can hold in their hands, a friendship scrapbook chronicles your times together. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly cry moments, and offers a time-honored testament to the two of you as companions throughout the years.
  • Lots of Small Gifts in a BasketWhat is the birthday celebrant’s favorite candy bar? Snag two or three of them. What is their favorite Mad Lib category? Wine? Movie Theater Snack? Write a list of your friend’s most favorite things, and then arrange them all into a fun basket. Don’t forget the frills like tissue paper, battery operated and shaped twinkle lights, and crinkle paper for aesthetics, and top it off with a large bow placed boldly on the front.
  • A Group GiftIs the birthday celebrant saving for something really important to them? Maybe they want to go back to school, or they are saving for a trip overseas. Perhaps their goal is to purchase a house, or maybe they want to splurge on a work wardrobe for their new job. Ask mutual friends if they want to go in on a group gift to help this special person reach their goal.
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Choosing just the right gift can be nerve-wracking but take heart in knowing that whatever you choose to give, your friend is sure to appreciate it simply because it came from you.  Also, it will be a good bar to set for them when your birthday comes around.

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