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5 ‘Model Off-Duty’ Hairstyles to Try

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When a day calls for a simple outfit, casual event or working from home, the hairstyles should match. That doesn’t necessarily mean rolling out of bed and rocking bedhead, though. For days when the intended look is effortless, simple and chic, start by taking a bit of outfit inspiration from model off-duty style, which embodies these characteristics perfectly. When choosing an accompanying model off-duty hairstyle, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few important tips for getting the look and the best model off-duty hairstyles to try.

What is ‘Model Off-Duty’ Hair?

Essentially, the casual yet stylish model-inspired look was made popular by supermodels and celebrities in paparazzi photos. These shots continue to capture the stars wearing minimal makeup, simple outfits and chic accessories as they run errands, eat at restaurants and engage in other common casual activities. However, the off-duty look also features hairstyles in a similar realm. Model off-duty hair generally utilizes casual styling without being too over the top. Most popular styles require minimal use of professional hair styling products to keep the hair looking effortless and healthy for a look that is super wearable for models, celebrities and everyone!

‘Model Off-Duty’ Hairstyles to Try

1. Slick and Sleek:

The great thing about an off-duty hairstyles is that it really can look put together with just a little bit of effort. A sleek, brushed-back hair look is great on days between washes or if the hair is in desperate need of a break from heat and styling. For a chic and sleek off-duty model look, start by prepping the hair with a volume spray, dry shampoo or other salon-approved texture hair products. Brush the hair back and form it into the desired shape, whether it be a fully brushed back style close to the head or a combed-through look with a visible middle or side part. Be sure to avoid over-styling! A few stray hairs are okay and a bit of shine spray or hairspray should be just enough.

2. Faux Bedhead:

Though actual bedhead may be deemed a bit too disheveled for most model off-duty looks, it’s totally possible to get a similar look to pair with a casual street style outfit. For perfectly undone hair worn down, it’s all about using the right tools and products. Create a bit of wave shape without too much styling by using a large curling iron on large sections of hair at a time. It’s okay if some sections are shaped differently than others or not as wavy as neighboring sections, as this will help achieve unique, “perfectly imperfect” results. After using the curler to create waves, brush them out thoroughly, tousle the hair and finish with lightweight styling products.

Faux Bedhead Hairstyles

3. Straight Center Part:

Simple, symmetrical and chic are three keywords for model off-duty hair. A loose, straight look worn down with a bold middle part is approved for casual, off-duty inspired looks. Plus, it’s a great way to get a no frills look that appears clean and can even elevate to look a bit more. It’s important to allow movement within the hair, so a soft, touchable look is key. This is easily achieved by starting with shampoo and conditioner followed by a blow dry to set the middle part in place. From there, air dry the ends of the hair and straighten any necessary sections.

4. Boss Bun:

Looking for an updo that means business? Go for the most iconic model off-duty hairstyles with a stylish bun or twist! This style is ideal for keeping the hair away from the face and maintaining a clean, polished look. While the bun style can be customized in relation to hair length and personal preference, the scalp area and roots should first be scraped back into a clean, uniform ponytail. Use gel or hairspray to secure this part before moving onto the back section. Secure a tight bun or twist at the back of the head, throw on a pair of sunglasses and head out the door!

Boss Bun Hairstyles

5. Undone Pony:

While it’s true that a sleek bun exemplifies model-off-duty style and can make a super casual look a bit more polished, the undone ponytail is not to be forgotten. If an elevated casual look needs a bit of dressing down, it’s all about making the hairstyle a bit more relaxed. Get a slightly undone ponytail by securing a medium to high pony nice and tight at the top of the head. From there, pull a few pieces out from around the face to create movement and a more casual shape. Finish it all off with volume spray around the end of the ponytail for a fuller look.

The key to the model-off-duty look is looking chic while keeping it minimalistic. It’s all about balance; if you want to do your hair up a little more, consider wearing loungewear clothes to offset your done-up hair. Want to wear a fancier outfit? Then keep your hair sleek and minimal to balance your look. Whatever hairstyle you end up trying out, just know that less is more when it comes to this sleek style.

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