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5 Gardening Tips for Beginners

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Have you never considered yourself green-fingered? Perhaps you have never considered gardening before? Now that the warmer months are here, it would be the perfect time to start. Gardening doesn’t have to be tricky and once you know the basic tips, you’ll soon be able to tackle your garden without complications. After a short amount of time, you’ll discover that gardening is extremely rewarding after watching your hard work pay off and the likelihood is that you’ll enjoy the downtime away from the hecticness of your daily life.

Here is how you can make your dream garden a reality as a beginner gardener.

Assess your soil

Assessing your soil condition is key. All gardens have different soil types (different strengths of acid or alkaline). Firstly, you may wish to ask yourself a few questions to help you understand which plants can be grown – is your soil waterlogged? Is it dry? Is it damp? You may also wish to do a soil test to be sure.

Most plants will grow well in fertile, damp soil which is rich in nutrients. If you’re in any doubt, it would be advisable to purchase a topsoil mix to give your plants the best possible chance of growth.

Water plants correctly

If you’re serious about gardening, you’ll need to be watering your garden a minimum of once or twice per day – especially if the weather has been hot and dry – and preferably in the morning and evening. However, the way you water your plants is crucial. Check the labels on plants to see how much water they need and be always on your guard never to flood the soil, as it can strain and weaken the plant.

Keep your pond clean

Owning a pond can require a great deal of maintenance, therefore, it wouldn’t be advisable to have one installed if you haven’t got the time or motivation to keep it clean. Failing to do so may mean your pond life contracts diseases and is at risk of death – and the green, boggy water is also very unsightly. The good news is that pond cleaning doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult, thanks to specialist pond maintenance products from


Choose easy-to-care for plants

Some plants are more difficult to maintain than others, so it would be best to start off with easy-to-care-for plants that require minimum effort to stay alive and healthy. Some of these plants include:

  • Pansies
  • Roses
  • Marigolds
  • Sunflowers
  • Geraniums
  • Lavender

Keep an eye out for pests

Pests can be a gardener’s worst nightmare, but in most cases, natural predators will keep the situation under control without any inference. Despite this, it’s worth being aware of the types of pests that threaten and damage plants or spread disease, including slugs, snails and aphids, and how to manage infestations.

You may be daunted by the prospect of becoming a beginner gardener, but we hope the above tips have given you some helpful tips to take on board if you’re about to take on the challenge. Gardening requires constant learning, but the more you do, the more you’ll learn about plant and wildlife health and wellbeing.

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