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vnedu tra cứu điểm lớp 7

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vnedu tra cứu điểm lớp

Please select your province and enter your phone number or student code to look up scores online. If you cannot find your score, please get in touch with the school or recheck the score lookup information.

Step 1:  Please select your city and province

Step 2:  Enter the phone number registered at vnedu or registration number (student code)

Step 3:  Click on the search

Step 4:  Wait 5 seconds for the system to process the results, click search again

Step 5:  Click on your name and log in to see your score

In addition to looking it up online, download the Vnedu Connect app to look it up right on your phone. Wishing you high scores in your exams!!!

What is VnEdu? How do I use vnEdu to look up scores?

What is VnEdu? How do I use vnEdu to look up scores?

VnEdu is Vietnamese education management software provided by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).

vnEdu software is built on a web platform and cloud computing technology to apply information technology to educational management and administration, connecting families, schools, and society and improving education—the quality of leadership, teaching, and learning.

Below are some outstanding utilities of vnEdu:

Look upgrades: Parents can look up their children’s grades easily and quickly.

Class schedule: Students and parents can easily follow the timetable and class schedule.

Notifications: Parents can receive notifications from the school about their children’s learning and activities.

Online learning: VnEdu provides online courses to help students review knowledge and develop skills.

Teachers and parents can use vnEdu on the website or download the app to use on mobile phones.

How do students use vnEdu?

How do students use vnEdu?

Step 1:  Access vnEdu on the website or app. At the login section => Select “Student login.”

What is VnEdu?  How do I use vnEdu to look up scores? Step 2: After logging in, students can experience features such as requesting leave, taking attendance, and looking up timetables.

  1. Online Learning Resources: Access to digital textbooks, multimedia materials, and other educational content to supplement traditional learning.
  2. Interactive Learning: Some platforms provide interactive lessons, quizzes, and assessments to enhance the learning experience.
  3. Communication Tools: Features for students to communicate with teachers, peers, or tutors, fostering collaboration and discussion.
  4. Homework Assignments and Assessments: Online platforms often facilitate the submission of assignments, quizzes, and exams, allowing for efficient grading and feedback.
  5. Progress Tracking: Students may use the platform to monitor their academic progress, view grades, and receive feedback from teachers.
  6. Online Classes and Webinars: Live or recorded classes conducted through the platform, providing flexibility for students to learn at their own pace.
  7. Mobile Accessibility: Many educational platforms offer mobile apps, enabling students to access learning materials and resources on-the-go.

How do teachers use vnEdu to manage students?

Step 1:  Access vnEdu on the website or app. At the login section => Select “Teachers log in.”

Step 2: After logging in to the teacher account, the teacher can use vnEdu to manage remote classes and assign assignments to students.

The vnEdu teacher application allows teachers to intelligently take attendance and easily create lesson books for each lesson. This helps you optimize the management and teaching process. Create the best conditions for student development.

vnEdu look-up points - Instructions for detailed online lookup AZ

vnEdu look-up points – Instructions for detailed online lookup AZ

vnEdu looks to upgrade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 for the 2023 school year. Follow the instructions below to help you see grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 quickly. Fast and effective:

For parents and students who need to look up vnEdu scores, the application to log in and look up scores is no longer unfamiliar when it meets the requirements for smooth online learning. Easier. And you certainly haven’t used all the extremely convenient features and tips that vnEdu provides.

Look up vnEdu points.

Do you need to look up vnedu points? Or do you want to know your score at the Vietnamese education system The following is a lookup section and detailed instructions.

You can look up grades 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, vnedu, grade 7, or vnedu. Look up grade 6 scores right on this website or vendor. vn see grade 6 scores simultaneously as vnedu. To look up grades, looks like upgrades eight and looks at upgrades six and vnedu. vn also looks up grades 10, 11, and 12.

To be able to look up the vnEdu Electronic Contact Book on the exam website, parents need to register to use the e-book.

Register for SLLLDT service:

Register for SLLLDT service:

Register directly on vnEdu School Management Software through teachers. These students can look up results on the website and receive messages from the vnEdu.

Look up results

After successfully registering for the ESL service, parents can look up the results when the school allows the publication of test scores on the website.

Look up on the website:  visit

Look up the vnEdu Connect application

After installing the application, see  How to look up student scores. Please log in and look up points and view other information on this application view 10th grade scores – vnedu vn view 6th grade scores – edu vn look up 2022 test scores – vnedu look up 2022-23 student scores – Look up  10th grade entrance exam scores

vnedu look up 2022 grade 6 test scores – vnedu look up 6th grade test scores 2023 – vnedu look up 6th grade test scores – vnedu look up 2023 student scores

vnedu looks up 7th grade scores – looks up 6th-grade scores – vnedu looks up 6th-grade score, check grades 8 – check grades 6 – vnedu check grades 12 – check grades 10

Notes when using vnEdu

Notes when using vnEdu

When using the vnEdu Connect app, there are some important notes that you should follow to ensure your experience is the best:

Secure your login information: Protect your account by keeping your login information secure. Includes private login name and password. Do not share this information with others.

Update personal information: Check and update your personal information on vnEdu. This will ensure that personal data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Check the class schedule: Use the class schedule feature on vnEdu to track the schedule. Make sure you don’t miss any class.

Report bugs and support: If you have problems or need support. Don’t hesitate to contact vnEdu support for help.

Regulatory compliance: Comply with vnEdu’s regulations and rules, including codes of conduct and privacy.

Update application: If using vnEdu app on a phone. Always make sure you have updated to the latest version. This will give you the best experience and high security.

Academic monitoring: If you are a parent, regularly check and monitor your children’s learning progress on vnEdu. Ensure they engage in learning activities effectively.


For the most accurate and recent information, I advise visiting the official website or getting in touch with the appropriate authorities or administrators if vnEdu is referring to a particular website, platform, or educational program in Vietnam.

For the most recent information about vnEdu, see if there have been any modifications or changes since my previous knowledge update. You may also try searching online or getting in touch with local Vietnamese educational institutions.

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