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What is Octordle?

Octordle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle but with eight words instead of one. Each day, players have to think of eight different five-letter words. Players have 13 tries to guess all eight words. The game provides hints after each guess, showing which letters are in the correct word and which are in the wrong word but in the wrong position.

How to Play Octordle

How to Play Octordle

To play Octordle, go to the Octordle website and guess words. The game will keep track of your guesses and provide hints after each guess. You win if you can guess all eight words correctly within 13 tries!

Tips for Playing Octordle

Use your hints carefully! The hints will tell you which letters are in the correct word and which are in the wrong word but in the wrong position.

Don’t be afraid to guess words you don’t think are the correct answer. You never know; you might get lucky!

Octordle is a fun and challenging game that will test your vocabulary and word-guessing skills. If you’re looking for a new Wordle-inspired game to try, check out Octordle!

What makes Octordle different from Wordle?

What makes Octordle different from Wordle?

The main difference between Octordle and Wordle is that Octordle has eight words instead of one. This makes the game much more challenging, as you must keep track of eight different words and their hints.

Where can I play Octordle?

You can play Octordle for free on the Octordle website. The game is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

Free Websites:

Octordle (Wordle 2):
Octordly (8 Words Wordle):
Octordle (Wordle NYT):
These websites offer the same basic gameplay experience with slight variations in design and features. You can choose the website that you find most visually appealing or user-friendly.

Premium Website:

Octordle (Britannica):
This website offers a premium version of Octordle with additional features such as unlimited practice games, statistics tracking, and daily gold challenges. You can subscribe to the premium version for a monthly or annual fee.

Will Octordle be as popular as Wordle?

It’s too early to say whether Octordle will be as popular as Wordle. However, the game has already been a hit on social media and seems to be gaining popularity quickly.

What is Octordle? Everything You Need to Know

What is Octordle? Everything You Need to Know

Wordle is a popular word-guessing game, and Octordle is a brand-new version designed for players who want to guess more words in each game. So, could you manage eight words at once instead of only two (Dordle or Quordle)? You probably do, despite sounding ridiculous (there’s a Wordle for it, too!).


For players who have mastered both Dordle and Quordle, the original Wordle, which has one grid, Octordle, or Wordle8, is precisely what the doctor ordered.

Kenneth Crawford created Octordle, a variation of Wordle that is ten times tougher. You have up to 13 attempts to predict eight five-letter words in a single game. Every one of the eight words has its grid. These grids operate separately from one another.

Octordle is essentially just Wordle on steroids, with eight parallel grids running simultaneously. The identical color-coding method and precise 5-letter terms from the English Dictionary apply to every grid and every word, as they do to Wordle.

The eight grids, however, significantly increase the overall complexity of the experience, which can be both frustrating and gratifying.

Where Octordle is Played

Where Octordle is Played

Octordle, like the earlier Wordle spin-offs, isn’t available as an app. Octordle may only be played on the official website at

Is Octordle available as an app?

As of right now, Octordle lacks an app. However, you may create an app icon for Octordle on your iOS and Android devices like you can for other Wordle games. Read our in-depth guide to find out more about the same.

Two ways you may play Octordle:

A new doctoral is generated every day. Players worldwide can play this game mode with a daily addition of a new Octordle, a set of eight five-letter phrases. Every player gets one Octordle a day to guess; this applies to all participants.

No-cost Octordle: Before using Octordle regularly, customers may get acquainted with its multitasking approach through this platform.

Every day, a fresh doctoral is created. Every day, a new Octordle—a group of eight five-letter words—is added to this game mode for players worldwide. Each player receives a single Octordle to guess daily, and the same goes for all players.

Free Octordle: Octordle offers a way for users to become familiar with its multitasking style before diving into the daily Octordle environment.

Is there an app for Octordle available?

There isn’t an app for Octordle yet. Nevertheless, you may make an Octordle app icon for your iOS and Android devices, just like you do with other Wordle games of a similar nature. For more information on the same, see our comprehensive guide.

Octordle game available:

Everyday Octordle: A fresh octordle every day. Every day, a new set of eight 5-letter words known as Octordles is added to this game mode for gamers worldwide. There is just one octopus to predict each day; the same goes for all players.

Free Octordle: Before diving into the daily Octordle universe, users can use Octordle to become familiar with its multitasking style.

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