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Modern Education: GoGoPDF’s Advanced Features That You Can Use For Educational Purposes

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We are mainly working on digital papers nowadays since most tasks are given and submitted online. Take for example how modern education works. Both learners and professors are relying on technology to work on their papers. These papers are often modified or converted to fulfill the needed requirements. In modifying their papers, they must use the safest web-based tool for security purposes. This is why we would like to introduce the service of GoGoPDF. This is a cloud-based digital tool that offers a wide range of features to help users securely edit or convert their paperless documents.

What Are Those Features?

No other online resources can compete with GoGoPDF’s exceptional Word to PDF tool and other advanced features. Here are the top features of GoGoPDF that you can use right now for free. All of them are highly secure as the website highly values its users’ privacy.

Word To PDF Converter Tool

We usually PDF format for various purposes, such as for sending resumes or for creating contracts.  PDF is the most secure format, and it is password-protected, so not everyone can access and use it for personal use.

If you want to convert your documents to PDF format, GoGoPDF’s Word to PDF converter will happily assist you. It will convert your Word document to a top-quality PDF file in just a few taps without even single trouble as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Excel To PDF Converter Tool

GoGoPDF’s Excel to PDF tool will convert the data in your Spreadsheets and convert it into a more polished PDF file. Once the conversion is completed, you are free to download your newly updated document on your social media accounts.

Protect PDF Tool

Because most people nowadays are currently working from home, and the majority of essential reports and files are transmitted online, you must safeguard your data to reduce the possibility of being scammed by others.

The website generated a helpful platform that allows you to add a password to your PDFs. This Password Protect PDF tool is among the best tools GoGoPDF has ever developed to help people secure their susceptible documents.

HTML To PDF Converter Tool

GoGoPDF is among the few PDF converters that provide numerous converting features, such as its HTML to PDF converter tool. The amazing thing about this GoGoPDF characteristic is that you can access this tool on any operating system platform and device.

Compress PDF Tool

You may need to email your PDF to a customer; however, you may be unable to do so due to your document’s size. This sort of issue is common, especially when working with PDFs. Some users may find this scenario challenging to resolve, but if you have the right tool like GoGoPDF, the whole thing is quite simple.

Compress PDF tool by GoGoPDF has a fast resizing time. This means you won’t have to wait for hours to see your freshly resized document. Furthermore, the Compress PDF tool includes a Customer Privacy Policy, which aims to protect your document from any potential internet attacks.

Repair PDF Tool

Repair PDF is an online resource that you can access via GoGoPDF. This tool assists users with any PDF-related issues, including broken PDF documents or corrupted documents. This Repair PDF tool provides the most straightforward recovery process. In just a few seconds, everything will be fixed.

eSign PDF Tool

Your sign is among the most personal stuff you have that demonstrates your ownership of any item. You use it on sensitive papers such as marriage certificates. However, you can’t just quickly go and sign your documents face-to-face, especially in this day and age of social distancing.

Fortunately, there is a method that enables you to sign any type of documents digitally. GoGoPDF offers this specific feature that allows users to create and insert their electronic signature on papers and email them to whomever you’re doing business with.

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PDF Remover Tool

The website also has a tool that can delete pages from a PDF faster than you think. To do so, you just have to follow the steps provided. All necessary procedures are convenient and straightforward. This is actually the fastest service you can find on the web today.


Modifying your documents has been made easy with GoGoPDF’s service. All featured tools are provided for free. You don’t have to pay the full service to unlock the features mentioned above. However, you can also opt for its pro service for unlimited PDF conversion. Whatever type of service you choose, rest assured that GoGoPDF will do its very best.

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