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How Kid Cudi Stole the Show At This Year’s Met Gala

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Kid Cudi made a memorable impression at this year’s Met Gala, arriving in an unforgettable ensemble of a zentai suit and David Bowie-inspired lightning bolt face paint. His performance was even more noteworthy, as Cudi presented two signature songs in a powerful and emotion-filled tribute to the late rap legend.

What Was Kid Cudi met gala Wearing?

How Kid Cudi Stole the Show At This Year's Met Gala

Kid Cudi arrived at the Met Gala in an unforgettable outfit. His choice of a skin-tight, full-body zentai suit featured an eye-catching brown and blue lightning bolt pattern running down his arms and legs. He topped off the look with classic David Bowie-inspired face paint featuring bold black lines creatively arranged across his chin and forehead.

Kid Cudi wasn’t seen walking the Met carpet wearing traditional designer labels, but he made a serious splash with his unique style choice. Cudi’s suit was custom-made by Comme des Garçons creative director Rei Kawakubo and received much buzz in the press. When asked about his outfit motivations, Kid Cudi said in an interview that it “was all about being fearless” and noted that he wanted to break the mold and stand out from the crowd at one of the most exclusive events of the fashion season.

How Did Kid Cudi Get Attention at the Met Gala?

Kid Cudi certainly knew how to get the attention of the crowd at the Met Gala. He made a statement with his unique zentai suit and closed out the evening’s festivities by performing two of his own songs – “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Frequency.” His performance created a stir among attendees and left them wanting more.

At the 2019 Met Gala, Kid Cudi stepped up his fashion game in a big way when he showed up in a metal-looking outfit: part zentai suit and part gladiator costume. He completed the look with black leather boots, an armband, and some eye-catching blue hair. But it wasn’t just his look that made waves at the gala – it was also the energy he brought to his performance. His mellow vibes and easy sway seemed to draw attendees in from all sides and kept them hanging on until he disappeared into the night.

What Impact Did Kid Cudi’s Performance Have?

kid Cudi met gala this year

Kid Cudi’s performance at the Met Gala made more than just a visual statement. His voice carried through the venue and left attendees with a lasting impression. Not only that, but his unique style of self-expression encouraged those in attendance to open their minds and embrace who they are and what they believe in without apology. His clothing choice, an all-black zentai suit, represented his confidence in his individuality and displayed that personal uniqueness should be celebrated.

Through his performance, Kid Cudi encouraged everyone in attendance to stand out and focus on their personal goals. His lyrics offered an optimistic power that reverberated throughout the hall as he sang about his past struggles and resulting triumphs. Even those listening from afar were able to gain a greater appreciation for hard work and perseverance. By straying from traditional fashion trends or other expectations of the event, Kid Cudi was able to make a big statement that stood out against the night’s atmosphere of extravagance and glamour.

What Was the Reception to Kid Cudi’s Performance?

The reception to Kid Cudi’s performance was overwhelming! Many attendees praised him for his stunning vocal performance and for having the courage to show up on the Met Gala red carpet in what has to be one of the boldest fashion statements ever seen. Not only did audience members express their positive opinions, but many individuals outside of the venue began posting messages supporting the performance. Kid Cudi managed to break barriers, inspiring people all over the world with his powerful message of individuality and acceptance.

Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi arrives at the Los Angeles

How Has Kid Cudi Turned This into a Momentum Boost?

After the performance, there was a huge surge in Kid Cudi’s popularity online. Through his statement-making ensemble and powerful performance, he was able to draw positive attention to himself and his work, giving him a momentum boost for future projects. Thanks to this unexpected exposure, Kid Cudi has been praised by many for challenging norms on the red carpet and for helping bring an added focus onto fashion as art.

On the Met Gala’s red carpet, Kid Cudi made a statement that was both fashion-forward and political. By wearing an orange jumpsuit in honor of incarcerated individuals, he reminded those at the event of those who are less privileged. He also made note of female empowerment while performing his song “The Resurrection of Scott Mescudi” along with Kanye West and Travis Scott. The performance reinforced his message that fashion can be used to not just make a style statement but to make a social impact as well.

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