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KFC Full Movie in Hindi Download for Free on Vizolla

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KFC Full Movie in Hindi Download

A feature film by Vietnamese director Lê Bình Giang records a cycle of intergenerational revenge that begins with a deranged doctor’s pathological fascinations dealing with cannibalism and necrophilic intrigues.

KFC had me from the beginning. It begins with four separate and repeating title cards announcing and relentlessly insisting that this movie is unlike any event or person from the past. And you can understand why writer-director Le Binh Giang had to do this, as the script prevented him from graduating from film school because the Vietnam Board of Examiners deemed it too violent.

The film travels (for a mere 68 minutes) many places in Vietnam where homeless people and all kinds of corrupt people do terrible things. If Richard Linklater had had a rush of intense violence, maybe Slacker would have looked like this. What makes the film war full movie download in hindi filmywap more than an exercise in violent experimentation is that it is easy to believe that the most emotional resonance scenes happened to real people.

Movie KFC

About the Movie KFC

Director: Lê Bình Giang


Written by: Lê Bình Giang

Country: Vietnam

Genres: Horror

Release Date: 27th Jan 2017

Language: Vietnamese

Size: 337 MB | 1.37 GB BRRip

Running time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Producing Price : $50,843,311

Benefits : $437,369,232

Trailer of KFC Movie:

KFC Full Movie in Hindi Download on Vizolla

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More Info About KFC Movie (2017)

The story takes place in Hanoi and revolves around various characters. A cannibal doctor beats people on the street with an ambulance and then rapes them. His son, who has gained weight from eating human flesh, and his friend, the daughter of a prostitute, have been the doctor’s victim. Another boy wanders the streets and befriends the two boys—a man whose wife was also a doctor’s victim. Yet a cycle of violence and revenge that seems to span generations.

kfc full movie in hindi download

Le Binh Giang directs, writes, edits, and produces a real splash movie where stress seems to come from every image. In this way, the film includes cannibalism, amputation, torture, violence against children, necrophilia, and even carnivorous worms. However, Giang managed to capture some comic scenes that poked fun at multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and KFC. A somewhat romantic scene with a couple of motorcycles and the main theme, a nostalgic, romantic song, also move in the same direction.


The film’s problem lies in its narrative, which has many flashbacks and fluctuations in time that make it quite challenging to follow the story, although a lot of facts are explained at the end.

The violence in the film is incredibly intense but rarely feels excessive. He navigates the film emotionally and physically through visceral genres to make an interesting point about its intersections. Screen violence affects both the people who act and the people who experience violence. In a world full of films under 13 that love action but show no blood, this film feels like an essential piece of cinema for audiences who want its violence to mean something.

Unfortunately, the film’s last 20 minutes take a turn for excess as the film’s stranger impulses take over the nuanced emotions that existed up to that point. He finally reiterates his thematic concern about the effects of violence, but some of the later scenes seem to reveal the violence that horrified the rest of the film. While the film is by no means a modern masterpiece, it is a powerful debut from a young filmmaker.

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