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Costumes Write For Us

Costumes write for us

Costumes write for us: Costume is the characteristic clothing or cosmetic style of a person or group that reflects gender,  class, occupation, ethnicity, nationality, activity or era. In short, the costume is a cultural image of the people.

The term has also usually been used to describe typical appropriate clothing for specific activities, such as riding clothes, bathing suits, dance suits, and evening gowns. Appropriate and acceptable clothing is subject to changes in local fashion and cultural norms.

“But the sable is more probable to be used in carriages, lined with royal lace over ivory-colored satin and worn over an elegant suit suitable for an evening reception.” A letter from a London woman (November 23, 1899).

This general usage has gradually been replaced by the terms “dress”, “robe”, “tunics” or “clothing” and the use of “costume” has been restricted to unusual or old-fashioned clothing and clothing that is intended to produce a change in identity, like theatrical, Halloween and mascot costumes.

Before the advent of ready-to-wear clothing, clothing was made by hand. When it was made for commercial sale, they made “seamstresses,” often women who ran businesses that met the demand for intricate or intimate women’s suits, including headwear and corsetry, in the early 20th century.

King of Bhutan in traditional clothing and women of Bhutan in traditional clothin

Costumes write for us: In Bhutan, there is a mandatory traditional national costume for both men and women, including the monarchy. These have been in vogue for thousands of years and have become a distinctive style of clothing. The dress that men wear is known as a gho, a robe that is worn to the knee and fastened at the waist with a ribbon called a kera. The front part of the dress, shaped like a bag, used to be used to store grocery baskets and a short dagger, but now it is used to store the cellphone, bag and betel nut called doma.

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